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Analysis of Intercultural Effectiveness - Research Paper Example

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The two countries chosen for paper for this assignment were the United Kingdom and China. A brief introduction to the various characteristics and aspects of these varying countries will help play into effect the gist of this research paper. This paper is a novice attempt at trying to compare the two cultures. …
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Analysis of Intercultural Effectiveness
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Download file to see previous pages Opium wars and riots and separated states within its own boundaries, China has gained immense importance today. Financially China is the third largest economy in the world (Gordon). As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, China’s role is immense in today’s world politics. This is not the only organization China belongs to; its participation is included in the World Trade Organization. Concerning the rights of its people, the government speaks of freedom of speech and expression, however many feel this does not come into play when the state prosecutes its law (Sorman, 2008). China is also said to violate a number of human rights laws by holding long detentions without trial, torture, and restrictions on labor laws (China Human Rights Fact Sheet, 1995). The media is suppressed, enough to be considered one of the most controlled countries in the world for the press (Reporters sans frontiers, 2005). However, its colorful history has given China a historic and rich culture, much of which has been kept safe by the ruling government.
The United Kingdom, also known as Britain is in many ways the opposite of China. It has always been in the front seat of imperialism by controlling vast areas of Asia (including China). The United Kingdom is a state consisting of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales (Countries of the UK,) The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy running under the head of the state Queen Elizabeth but is run by a parliamentary government. With events like industrialization occurring first in the UK, it is considered the sixth largest economy in the world (International Monetary Fund) Like China; it too is a permanent member of the United Nations and also organizations like World Trade Organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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