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Men should be allowed to have more than one wife. Agree or disagree - Essay Example

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Polygamy and Monogamy Name Institution Date Thesis statement: In this essay, I will disagree with polygamous marriage, which could either be a married man having an affair with several women, or officially marrying several women. 1. Introduction 2. Body a) Disadvantages of polygamy b) Financial expenditure c) Prone to STDs d) Cultural imprisonment e) Conflict resolution hard 3…
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Men should be allowed to have more than one wife. Agree or disagree
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Extract of sample "Men should be allowed to have more than one wife. Agree or disagree"

Download file to see previous pages The main reason why men prefer polygamy is mainly due to greater wealth and resources than any other in the society. Cultural acts influenced polygamy where it outnumbers the monogamous ones by quite a large number. There is a behavior commonly practiced in the western countries where by men divorce and later remarry. This is termed as a serial polygamy. Many anthropologists refer that habit as monogamy because no one gets married to more than one woman at once. In this essay, I will disagree with polygamous marriage, which could either be a married man having an affair with several women, or officially marrying several women. Polygamous family has many negative effects as compared to the monogamous family. First, it consumes a lot of the family’s money or wealth to cater for their daily needs of the large number of wives and children. The daily upkeep of women and children is more expensive. Polygamy leads to the man having many children in a short period. Again, clashes during the distribution of wealth especially when the head of the family dies increase. Distribution of wealth brings forward chaos and may lead to death to some members of the family. Problems come forward, war takes its course between the wives and even the children, and usually the last married wives face problems in distribution. When the man dies before educating all his children, it may lead to some of the children involved in crimes and drug abuse in order to sustain their living. On the side of monogamous family, there is no problem because the family is small and manageable and there is a written will showing the wealth distribution (Zeitzen, 2008). In a monogamous family, it is hard for one to get a sexually transmitted disease outside wedlock, caused by either one of them. Many monogamous families are stable because they can cope with their daily life. On the other hand, due to the cause of not satisfied fully, one may go outside the wedlock and infected and the disease can wipe them all. Polygamy is an outdated way of living leading to women die of childbirth and children die of diseases. Again, in polygamous families, jealousy is a problem and they do not mingle outside their families. Monogamous family utilizes the minimal wealth for the family needs where the expenses are minimal (Anonymous, 2004). Polygamy is an act, passed on by time, and people should try to avoid it because it has many effects to the society. If a man goes contrary to the wishes of one wife, or they disagree on a certain issue, the wife may react abnormally hence causing damages. Again, it has led to young children getting married when they are young. A person may be five times older than one of his wives. This in most cases is perceived as an act of exploitation. Those who are in abject poverty commonly practice this habit (Milton, 2009). Parents should look forward, open their eyes, and avoid this in the future and educate their own children. In addition, the rich exploit the poor by grabbing their piece of land and because of money the poor lacks justice. Further, I do support monogamous family because whenever an issue arises, both of them can sit down and solve the issue in the right way. In addition, they practice family planning and produce fewer children whom they can take care of well and in the right way. Most monogamous famili ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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