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Internet Banking - Computers and Internet - Essay Example

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This chapter would explain the methodology to be followed in collection and analysis of the primary data to test the hypothesis of this paper. This would commence from the statement of the objective for collection of primary data. Then this dissertation would go to comment upon the nature of the data to be collected explaining the main variables therein…
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Internet Banking - Computers and Internet
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Extract of sample "Internet Banking - Computers and Internet"

Download file to see previous pages So the current research empirically investigated the future of Internet banking, through semi-structured, convergent, in-depth interviews and successive stages of this study. At this stage of the paper, the role of the interviews will be outlined and then the nature of this facility will be explained.
The objective of this dissertation is to ascertain the perceptions and attitudes to Internet banking usage amongst universities students of the Edinburgh; in particular focusing on the uncertainty associated with the usage.
The data collected was primarily quantitative in nature with the questionnaire questions being mostly close ended leaving no scope for divergent and qualitative responses. Though some specific and limited questions were left specifically for qualitative responses; however these were mainly utilized in obtaining concluding impressions of respondents. Three main data sets were collected from respondents pertaining to awareness, understanding and approval of Internet banking. Each data set was comprised of two or three questions in order to obtain an established view of the respondent in respect of the data set or aspect of usage of Internet banking. ...
The chief variables concerned basic awareness of Internet banking, knowledge of various possibilities of usage of Internet banking and the factors that promoted/discouraged usage of Internet banking. Questionnaire sought to collect data in respect of these variables.
3.5 Statistical Procedures
Results are analyzed with the help of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS 11.0) using standard statistical tests and analysis procedures. The values of variables we will give in the results are means and standard deviations throughout. The overall indexes and factor scales are calculated and examined using demographic comparisons and other techniques.
Exploratory statistics such as cross tabulation with Chi-Square tests, frequency histograms, and pie charts can calculate to better understand the results. Other statistical analyses included Univariate analysis of variance (ANOVA), based on the General Linear Model (GLM), and calculation of confidence intervals. For all statistical significance tests, a 95% confidence level was working. Such analyses are relatively objective.
The following presents a summary of results from all sources and identifies key strategic prospects and recommended actions. In keeping with the triangulation method, we point out significant similarities and differences in findings across sources. For some issues, data are not available from all sources.
There are two methods, which are mainly used in researches, and these two methods are:
1. Qualitative research method
2. Quantitative research method
In this study, quantitative approach was flexibly so that this approach is use over here. But ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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