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The Feeling of Excellence - Essay Example

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This essay describes story which is that being excellent is about having a simple life and developing one’s skills and knowledge. For example, Matilda understands that her mother is an excellent mother because she loves her so much and she does everything with pride and love…
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The Feeling of Excellence
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Extract of sample "The Feeling of Excellence"

Download file to see previous pages If you want more, then go for more excellence.” And so Matilda looked for more. Matilda’s paternal grandfather, Leonardo, seemed to be the perfect source of knowledge when it came to excellence. At 90 years old, he must know what excellence means. Matilda decided to visit him. She took two sandwiches and a can of orange juice. She wanted to be prepared of their long conversation over the definition of excellence. She took her food and drinks and went to the next door, because that’s where her grandparents lived. Before even knocking, a large, looming figure with grey hair opened the door. Matilda shouted: “Grandpapa! You almost killed me!” Leonardo laughed and carried the child to the living room. He said: “Well, your mother called and told me you’d come.” Matilda shrugged: “You should have pretended you read my mind! That would have been more exciting and mysterious!” She opened her juice and drank some before she said: “Anyway, I have some business with you grandpapa. Do you know what excellence is? Your son does not give a clear meaning for it.” Then she smiled. Leonardo laughed cheerfully: “I must say so. My son must be quite over his head on this one. Well, excellence is about being the best of where you are. Like the best student. That’s excellence.” Matilda asked: “What about the effort? Does that not account for excellence too?” Grandfather answered: “Hmm…You have a point there. Excellence is more of an outcome or result though.” Matilda thanked him and left. She was slowly walking and chewing on her second sandwich. Thinking made her hungry. On her way back to her house, she chanced upon the philosopher who called himself Socrates. Socrates called Matilda: “Why hello there my pumpkin! What seems to be bothering you? You look so creased, you can roll away like crumpled paper!” Matilda laughed at the thought of her rolling along the street. Matilda told Socrates her dilemma. He said that the question was difficult to answer, because every answer yields additional questions. He said: “What is excellence? Who defines it? Who says who can define it? Who believes these definitions? Ah, excellence confounded Aristotle and Socrates too. I am not much of a help. You have to discover what it means in your own, my little Plato.” Matilda creased herself even further. She should be rolling like crumpled paper by now. Matilda decided to sit at the porch. She stared blankly into space. Mr. Smithson walked by. He was the mayor. He saw the bothered look on Matilda and decided to approach her. He said: “Can I sit with you Matilda? Anything I can do for you?” Matilda answered: “Well, you can if you know what excellence is.” The Mayor shared his ideas on excellence: “Excellence is public service. It is about going beyond yourself and helping others.” Matilda looked pensive and replied: “But that does not make me an excellent one then. I can barely help myself in many things. Thanks anyway.” The Mayor smiled and said goodbye. Matilda went in her house and felt deflated. No one gave her a satisfying answer of what excellence is. She sat at the living room and looked at her mom. She just baked some banana cake and pressed fresh orange juice. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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