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Sustainability Architecture and Building A Report to the Department of Built Environment and Urbanization Darwin City Prepared by; Class: Presented to: Date: Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Executive Summary 2 Sustainable Architecture & Building 3 1.0Introduction: Overview 3 1.1 Problem Statement 4 2.0 Methodology 4 3.0 Findings 5 3.1 Building analysis 6 4.0 Analysis & Discussion 6 4.1 .Retrofitting 6 4.2 Case studies 7 4.2.1 The 60L Building Australia 7 4.2.2 The Comcast Center Philadelphia 9 5.0 Conclusion 9 6.0 References 10 Executive Summary In the current global market, the lives of people have been turned form being natural to being economical…
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Formal justification report to an organization making a recommendation for eco paper
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Download file to see previous pages The report proposes a greener approach to the building and construction sector to ensure that that as domestic and commercial built environment increases, there should be measures that have to be followed in ensuring that buildings are energy efficient, with a view of reducing the carbon load caused by both domestic and commercial usage in heating, air conditioning and cooling. Other resources such as water should also be utilized in the best way possible to ensure sustainability. Some buildings such as L60 building in Melbourne and Comcast Center in Philadelphia have elaborated the leadership in built environment impact of reducing global warming through being energy efficient. Such buildings serve as the best examples that the program should be tailored to emulate and policies put in place, to enforce new and old buildings to accord to these policies. This is due to the wide ranging benefits that is achieved though energy efficient designs on the long term. There is to put into perspectives some of the technologies successfully implement in other places to use to achieve the same benefits. Sustainable Architecture & Building 1.0 Introduction: Overview The current globalised world in industrialization has led to massive increase in environmental pollution. The environmental pollution and the release of green house gases to the atmosphere are two issues that have become a menace to the current order in life. There are many organizations and government initiatives that have been set up to find measures that would be used to reduce the environmental impact of greenhouse gases, and saving of other resources such as water that are becoming scarce after each day. These organization and government policies have come up with measures that are targeted to the general manufacturing sectors and service sectors. This leaves an important cause of pollution unaddressed; the domestic and commercial houses. The Department of Built Environment and Urbanization has a responsibility to put up measures that if implemented in the building sector would have environmental degradation through release of green house gases reduced significantly. This call for implementing measures and policies that would require all the modern houses and those under construction to ensure efficiency in energy utility in a bid to ensure sustainable development that is friendly to the environment. There is a need for architects, clients and engineers to cooperate in designing and constructing domestic and commercial buildings to ensure the reduction of carbon load that is mainly caused by overreliance on conventional energy sources in both commercial and domestic buildings. As the country relies heavily on coal and hydropower sources of energy, the carbon burden produced by these energy sources has been increasing daily as the domestic and commercial power demands soars to record levels. The Australian households use about 92% of conventional energy, with only 8% being tapped form renewable sources. This has led the domestic usage or households to contribute to about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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