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For me, high school was a tremendous experience. I remember how excited it was going to school every day. Back in those days the friendships I develop with my classmates are ever-lasting. We have a page on Facebook that helps all the classmates keep in touch. …
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High school and personal experiences
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For me high school was a tremendous experience. I remember how excited it was going to school every day. Back in those days the friendships I develop with my classmates are ever lasting. We have a page on Facebook that helps all the classmates keep in touch. The teachers that gave me class during high school were fabulous. They really cared about my well being. I was always a very dedicated student. It was very important for me to learn new things and I was given great advice by the school counselor who helped me pick a career to study in college. There were a lot of good times during my high school years. I remember the school trips we took. It was very exciting travelling together in school buses to enjoy school trips together with my classmates. There were the official school trips and the unofficial trips. The unofficial trips occurred when I and some of my classmates would skip school together to go fishing to the river. We took an unofficial school trip every couple of month or so. Another aspect of high school life that I enjoyed was playing basketball with my friends during lunch hour and after school. We used to play for hours after school. It was all about the game back in those days. An enjoyable experience that I remember back in my school days was going to the school dances. The girls and the boys would dress up for the parties. I enjoyed dancing with my friend at these parties. My high school days were some of the best memories I have of my life. Read More
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