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The story about the Hannukah wish - Essay Example

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Nicky Chelsea, the owner of the only Jewish bakeshop in Ridgemont, Illinois wondered to herself as she studied the clock. Having struck the hour, she had hoped to see the little 10-year-old girl duck into the shop for a hurried bite of Rugelach, her favorite breakfast, on her way to school. …
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The story about the Hannukah wish
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Download file to see previous pages The bus slowly started up as Ron made her way to any vacant seat she could find on the bus. She had hoped that she would be allowed to sit down this time. Her back pack was really heavy because she had Physical Education that day and she had to pack her uniform into the already heavy bag. But as she tried to sit down, the other children on the bus placed their bags on top of the seats. Without her bus mates ever uttering a word, Ron knew that she would spend the half hour trip to school standing at the back of the bus again. She had no choice, she had to get to school because it was expected of her. But each day that she had to go, she underwent an ordeal that she wished she could avoid somehow. Veronica Ziv, Ron to her family and friends, looked like any typical ten year old girl who went to Taft Elementary School, a public school that was closest to where she had been born and raised in the Jewish faith by her parents. It was not easy for Ron to attend classes at Taft because of the public aspect of the school system. It seemed that everyone was welcome at this school except those of the Jewish denomination. Ron was daily living proof of that. It was not uncommon for Ron to stand at the back of the bus to and from school. Her classmates bullied her because they said she looked different from everyone else. So she must be from an alien planet. The first time she heard her classmates describe her that way was when she was 6 years old and in the first grade. When she tried to explain that she was not an alien but Jewish, Betty Jones, the blonde haired rich girl in her class declared that Ron was from the alien planet of Judaism and should be cut open and experiment on like their alien kind do to the human beings. The more Ron tried to explain at her young age about her family's religious belief's, the worse things got for her with her classmates. BBBBBB Ron was the only Jewish girl at the Taft Elementary school. As such, the school authorities never saw a need to alter their holiday schedule just for one student whom, according to her classmates, stuck out like a sore thumb. Although she dressed the same as her classmates, spoke like them, and shared their interests in life, they refused to befriend her because their parents had told them that Ron was a “dirty Jew” and should be avoided at all cost. it was not uncommon for Ron to be told that her parents should have died when Hitler tried to wipe the Jews out all those decades ago. These were hurtful words that parents had told their children about Jews in general that they carried with them in life. Their parents had made the children anti-semitic and because there happened to be a Jew in their school, Ron became the chosen target for all the hatred that these parents fed their kids. “I wish I wasn't a Jew!” ron muttered under her breath during lunch break. She sat alone again, near the trash cans in the school cafeteria ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Story about the Hannukah Wish Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words)
The Story about the Hannukah Wish Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
“The Story about the Hannukah Wish Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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