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Preparation of sample for NMR analysis and integration - Essay Example

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To acquire high quality spectra for the elucidation of structure, the NMR method needs relatively large amounts of pure compound, which often needs…
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Preparation of sample for NMR analysis and integration
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"Preparation of sample for NMR analysis and integration"

Download file to see previous pages Unlike the other spectroscopy types, the sample quality in NMR bears a insightful effect on the resulting spectrum quality. Therefore, the sample prepared provides a spectrum where useful information is retained, not lost, or obscured. Sample preparation thus stands critical in the analysis and integration of NMR results.
The scope of work will cover sample Purification, given that this determines the resulting spectrum, sample collection, and sample Preparation for NMR integration and Analysis. NMR spectrum is the basic source of data that relates to the structure of the compound. Therefore, it is required that the spectrum analysis be done properly to obtain or get a good and reasonable data set for analysis. Under any particular circumstance, the preparation of the NMR sample is not allowed at the NMR room, thus the lab is used or a special lab. A solid or pure liquid can not just be put into the NMR. A series of preparation steps needs to be followed to prepare the sample thus covering the scope of work to be done. If one has a liquid to be analyzed, one or two drops of the liquid are put on a clean NMR tube retrieved from the oven. Approximately 3fingers worth of the deuterated (CDCl3) solvent is added to the tube. This procedure forms the scope of work because the NMR cannot work if the solvent (deuterated) is not used. When one has a solid, it becomes easier to put the solid into the small test tube and almost the same amount of deuterated solvent added and the solid allowed dissolving in the solvent before transferring to the NMR tube (Weizmann Institute of Science,2009).
Weizmann Institute of Science., 2009. Sample preparation & NMR Tubes. [Online] Available at: < internal/Sample_preparation_&_NMR_Tubes.html> [Accessed November 14, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Preparation of Sample for NMR Analysis and Integration Essay.
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