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Hydrogels - Essay Example

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By definitions these are cross linked hydrophilic polymer networks that are current attraction in chemical research which up to the general production of various products such as sensors. They have a number of characteristics and properties which make them very outstanding. A…
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Download file to see previous pages However, chef a amongst them are temperature, pH, ionic strength, solvent composition, and light and electric field, Al these are stimuli responsive Hydrogels are useful in the development of a number of appliances especially in the development of controlled drug release systems, sensors, cell culture substances, and flow control.
Additionally, Hydrogels are suitable for immobilizing the bimolecular because the=y have a bimolecular capacity, this is very fundamental in keeping their shape in the original condition. They can also be vey important in immobilizing optical sensors because they have a very important property. By virtue of their functionality, their biocompatibility makes the ideal candidate of the development of the rational optical sensor. They have a very wide loading capacity that is mainly suitable for sensors. Additional they have a very wide background which is only suitable for optical low optics. They also have another property that makes them very suitable for the development of cornerstones. For example polymers can be mixed to derive a very effective hydrogen cornerstone
There have been a lot of res DNA however; one of the mot important a breakthrough in the researches that involves DNA is the use of DNA functionalized Hydrogels to make biosensors. This breakthrough was also fundamental for the development of controlled release system just like in medicine and other stimuli reactive materials. The focus on the main property of Hydrogels such as the ability to swell is very important because in this way. The most important breakthrough has been achieved in the scientific circles. A better example is the focus on gels phase shift. A stimuli responsive smart gels. There has also been the relatively low number of bolometric sensors. Acrydite-modified DNA is easy to link Hydrogels understanding through co-polymerization.
Upon the completion of the gel transformation, their general viscosity is transformed as one can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hydrogels Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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Pharmaceutics and Formulation
..., alginate, guar gum, pullulan and also gellan gum. These substances are capable of forming hydrogels. Hydrogels have a 3 dimensional structure and hydrophilic networks which are capable of imbibing large amounts of water and are analogous to biological tissues (Patil et al., 2010) Pectins are naturally occurring polysaccharides and are important structural components of plant cell walls. They are methylated esters of polygalacturonic acids which are found in higher concentrations in the middle lamella of cells. Commercially, they are extracted from citrus peels, mango waste and sugar beet waste. This polysaccharide is made up of D- galacturonic acid units which are joined in chains by means of ? (1-4)...
8 Pages(2000 words)Literature review
Describe the issues related to the permeability of oxygen through contact lenses. Describe the structural features of the materi
..., and also offers a description of structural features of the materials developed in the last fifteen years to solve these issues as well as their rationale. Issues related to permeability of oxygen in contact lenses Oxygen penetrability or absorptivity is considered a significant aspect in the planning, creation, and production of contact lenses as it upholds and sustains ophthalmic, visual, or optical wellbeing. According to Acton (2013: 291), “As established by Holden and Mertz in 1994, a minimum of 87.times.10.sup.-9 (cm ml 0.sub.2)/(sec ml mmHg) oxygen transmissibility is required for hydrogel contact lenses to limit overnight edema to 4%”. Aspects of contact lenses denoting their characteristics and properties...
4 Pages(1000 words)Assignment
The Nurses Role in Wound Care in the Community, 2004.) Modern wound dressings include hydrofibers, alginates, activated charcoal, hyaluronic acid, hydrogels, hydrocolloids, foams, impregnated gauze, collagen, moist methods, proteolytic enzymes, silver dressings and semipermeable membranes (Dissemond, 2006.) Currently, hydrogels are popular among the various categories of advanced wound dressing products available due to their efficacy, comfort, ease of use and cost effectiveness. They provide control of wound surface hydration, and by absorbing excess exudate, provide the required moisture for healing. Hydrogels are used in pressure wounds, diabetic, vascular, burn, and other wounds, and have replaced...
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...Hydrogels Introduction A gel is a substantially dilute crosslinked system that exhibits a no-flow property when in its steady Hydrogel (or Aquagel) is a subcategory of colloidal gels that exists as a network of polymer chains with water as the primary dispersion medium. They display thixotropy, that is, the property of transforming into a fluid when agitated, but resolidifying when allowed to rest [1]. Though hydrogels are mostly liquid by weight, they are water-insoluble and behave like solids due to their three-dimensional crosslinked network that spans the volume of the liquid medium. 2. Synthesis of a polymeric material A hydrogel construction can be described as a three-dimensional jetty is made up of linear polymer chains... with...
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3. Biomaterials for bone tissue-engineering
...H, 2008).However they have weak mechanical properties and provide a possible risk of diseases if there is poor handling. Hydrogels are the kind of polymers which are creating great buzz about their use. They have many advantages including the one that chemical biofunctionalisation and cell encapsulation and delivery are very straightforward. In order for the biomaterial to be like a real bone the toughness of a polymer needs to be combined with the compressive strength of an inorganic material (Hollinger, 2004). This improves their mechanical properties and degradation profiles. Processing Once the adequate biodegradable polymer has been selected the next step is to find a suitable processing technique. The processing...
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...Engineering and Construction Assignment Saccharides (sugars) end in –ose. Polar functional group called the polymers makes the saccharides soluble in water. 2. Cellulose is the most common plant fiber. 3. The most commonly used synthetic hydrogels are polymers of acrylic acid, acrylamide and 2-hydroxyethyl, ethacrylate. The most biocompatible synthetic hydrogel is the poly (2- hydroxyethyl methacrylate).It is commonly used for contact or intraocular lenses. 4. A sketch of the L-DOPA O HO OH NH2 HO When L-DOPA polymerizes, organic functioning groups like proteins reacts. Some of the effects caused on the human body by the L-DOPA include; reconstitution of the human skin. L-DOPA...
4 Pages(1000 words)Assignment
List the four polymers from which hydrogels can be made, and, for each one, list the advantages and disadvantages of least one different possible application for each hydrogel
...Four polymers from which Hydrogels can be made Polyvinyl Alcohol 2. Sodium Polyacrelate 3. Acrylate Polymers 4. Copolymers Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA): Advantages: Polyvinyl Alcohol has a resistance to solvents oil and grease. It has no odour and is non toxic to humans. It has excellent tensile strength and flexibility. It has high oxygen and aroma barrier properties. Its ability to absorb water increases its elongation and tearing strength. PVA is both degradable and soluble thus making it possible to be chemically decomposed to form intermediate products that are easier to dispose (Gnanou & Fontanille 23). Disadvantages: In the presence of moisture, its tensile strength decreases because water acts as a...
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The influence of culture conditions on the mechanical properties of agarose hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering
...Mechanical properties of a cartilage This is an analysis in which the situ layers of the articular cartilage in which was conducted and measured withthe use of the pulse echo ultra sound device. Several alterations and disturbances were executed through the alteration of the osmotic potential in which the observation of nonlinear behavior was observed in a physiological equilibrium. The nature of the articular cartilage in which has superior characteristics in health scenarios such, as the painful arthritis which is degenerative and costly has created a lot of interest in the mechanical and the constitutive cartilage properties. Numerous researches have been conducted with no resolution to some of these fundamental issues... properties of a...
16 Pages(4000 words)Literature review
Tissue Engineering (bone)
.... A., 2008. Advanced biomaterials for skeletal tissue regeneration: Intsructive and smart functions.. Material science and Engineering, 59(1-6), pp. 38-71. 8. Enrione, J. et al., 2010. Characterization of a Gelatin/Chitosan/Hyaluronan scaffold-polymer. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, 13(5), pp. 0717-3458. 9. Nichol, J. W. et al., 2011. Cell-laden microengineered gelatin methacrylate hydrogels. Biomaterials, 31(21), pp. 5536-5544. 10. Rosenblum, G. et al., 2010. Direct Visualization of Protease Action on Collagen Triple Helical Structure. PLoS ONE, 5(6), p. e11043. 11. Zhu, J. & Marchant, R. E., 2011. Design properties of hydrogel tissue-engineering scaffolds. Expert Review of Medical Devices, 8(5),...
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Biochemistry science field
...research and development of this discipline. Methods and materials An experiment that sought to investigate conditions that can stimulate stem cells to differentiate into fat of bone cells while being encapsulated by hydrogels was conducted with polymer networks, which could simulate various conditions where the stem cells grow naturally. The first step in growing the new cartilage involved initiating chondrogenesis, which entails catalyzing the mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate themselves to become chondrocytes, which consequently develop a spongy matrix of collagen along with sugars that act as cushions for damaged joints. One of the challenges associated with catalyzing these cells to differentiate is that,...
10 Pages(2500 words)Research Paper
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