How Quantum Technology Will Improve Our Future - Essay Example

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Name of the student: Tutor: How Quantum Technology will improve our future. Introduction Human brains functions in a way that it always invent ideas and concepts with an intention of making its life and the lives of others more convenient and easy…
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How Quantum Technology Will Improve Our Future
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"How Quantum Technology Will Improve Our Future"

Download file to see previous pages Hitherto, it has taken more than 250 years since the initial mega application of the concept. But presently, it has a far greater meaning as scientist have worked on numerous quantum theories and calculations to come up with many Quantum applications. Quantum technology has shaped human lives and will continue to modify or transform our lives in various ways that even some we may not be conscious of. Thesis: Quantum technology has impacted positively to our lives and will continue to improve or have greater positive impacts on our future lives. Quantum future in health According to Kaila, & Kaila (2010) with regard to the field of health, quantum technology provides humanity with health care via MRI. Quantum Technology and health have always had a noble correlation. Archeologists and historians point that surgeries initially took place around 3300BCE as the Indus Valley Civilization presently forming part of Pakistan and India. Although many theories linking quantum concept and health came and went, the advancement of health and its dependent on this technology never grow weaker. presently and even in future times, high level machines applies and will continue to apply photons and other quantum concepts to carry out medical tasks. For instance, equipment such as Stethoscope is highly applied in listening to one’s heart, while X-ray machines are used for determining any broken parts of our body in conjunction to many applications meant to make future human life better (Anwar, 2007). Quantum future in lighting bulbs Future application of the quantum technology in our lives is also seen in the lighting bulbs. With the era of the incandescent light bulb disappearing speedily, the holy grail of the lighting industry is to come up with a highly effective form of solid-form lighting that forms high superiority white light. Chemists have found out that white-light quantum dots are one of the few options of quantum technologies that produce pure white light. In fact, they predict that these ultra-small bright beads of cadmium selenide can change the blue-light formed by a Light Emitting Diode into a warm white light with a spectrum comparable to that of incandescent light. However, they have continue to warn that dense fluorescent tubes and majority of white light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) release a mixture of monochromatic colors, which fake white-light. Nearly a decade ago, when white-light quantum dots were invented accidentally in a Vanderbilt chemistry lab, chemists projected that it would be difficult to raise it to practical levels as its efficiency was extremely low for any commercial applications (Gerber, 2007). Presently however, Vanderbilt researchers have confirmed that they have successfully improved the fluorescent efficacy of these nanocrystals from an original level of 3 per cent to as high as forty five per cent. This implies that given the ever dynamic quantum applications, the future advancement of this application is guaranteed as the there is a possibility and room for boosting the efficiency of nanocrystals to above 45 percent. Hence, this efficiency of phosphors suggests that white light quantum dots would be practical in future for some superior lighting applications necessary for commercial purposes. The overall measure for efficiency of lighting devices is known as luminous efficiency and it determines the amount of visible light that a device can produce per unit of watt. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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