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Business Intelligence Solutions for chosen organisation - Essay Example

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In other words, British Airways (hereinafter will be referred as BA) has been privatised which renewed its vigour with strong support by its employees…
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Business Intelligence Solutions for chosen organisation
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Download file to see previous pages In 1987, there was a public issue of 720 million shares offered to 1.2 million shareholders and its shares are now listed with London, Toronto and New York stock exchanges. The public issue was a great success as BAs shares were oversubscribed more than 11times and its share price increased by 68% on the first day of trading.
Today, BA is the number-one of the globe’s major premium airlines. Now, BA has flight operations to more than four hundred destinations globally. During the year 2013, BA reported a revenue of £ 11,421 million as compared to £ 10,827 million, which is an increase of 5.5%. Likewise, BAs profit after tax has also soared significantly in 2013 as it reported £ 284 million as compared to £ 114 million in the year 2012 which is an increase of 149.1%.
Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the very few provinces in the IT sector to have stayed resilient even during the recent economic downturn, as business organisations like BA has employ the BI technology, mainly to minimise their costs and to optimise their flight operations. Thus, even during the phases of economic meltdown, BA has started to employ business intelligence tools to assist it to confront the economic turbulence. For instance, by using 3D visualisation, BA can recognise and remedy its inefficiencies. Further, BI helps BA to match its own data with that of external sources such as credit checks. During the current economic crisis , as a cost cut initiative , BA has reduced its spending on IT by a third in 2009 but its BI was one area, which was not touched upon and this shows the priority to BI by BA (Binning 2009).
There is a compelling need on the part of BA to introduce BI technology to sort out the issues such as cut-throat competition , poor employee relations as represented by a number of flash cabin crew strikes , to address how to improve its cargo revenue as it fell by6. 5% due to prolonged weak cargo market in 2013 and is witnessing the impact due to both interest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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