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British Airways Marketing Communications Mix - Report Example

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This paper "British Airways’ Marketing Communications Mix" focuses on the fact that in the growing competitive market British Airways (BA) has made shifts in its business strategy, which has altered its marketing communications. It now appeals directly both to the corporate and leisure customers.  …
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British Airways Marketing Communications Mix
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Extract of sample "British Airways Marketing Communications Mix"

Download file to see previous pages By reducing commissions of travel agents, they have not only reduced the cost of selling but now also have a direct approach to the end consumers. Airlines differ in the ways in which they use the marketing communication and the marketing mix in terms of their expenditure and the style. This report will evaluate the marketing communications employed by BA in its strategy.

The four major marketing communications mix according to Kotler are advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations. Intensive selling is the most important marketing communications factor (Avlonitis & Papastathopoulou, 2000). BA adopts, alters and changes the marketing communications mix as the market demands. It keeps introducing new products from time to time as innovation today is a necessity rather than a strategic option in the turbulent market with shorter product life cycles. There is a shift in marketing communication targeting only the customers. Marketing communication should reach a range of stakeholders and other players peripheral to the target market and which influence business success (Clulow, 2006). Benefits and pitfalls of stakeholder responses should be anticipated and used to advantage.

Its public relations strategy of ‘BA Way’ is supported by values and goals. BA claims to provide “service that matters to people who value how they fly”. While BA in its philosophy serves the clients who value service, according to Long & Schiffman (2000), there are many who give importance to financial values. Personal values influence consumer decision making. Thus, different segments of consumers may perceive different kinds of benefits and have differing degrees of commitment to different programs. However, BA’s approach is now more towards direct selling and they try to appeal directly to the consumer in the leisure market, or the corporate customer, or the consumer in the business market.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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British Airways Marketing Communications Mix Report - 2.
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