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How nanotechnology changing the world - Research Paper Example

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‘Nano’ means very tiny which, in this technology means that the application of nano-sized materials in any technology can possess qualities that are…
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How nanotechnology changing the world
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, while bulk silver has toxic characteristics, nanoscale silver has properties of killing viruses by mere contact. The technology is constructed upon manipulation, regulation and integration of small atomic and molecular particles which lead to formation of components, structures, systems and devices at the nanoscale. This paper will henceforth examine the application of nanotechnology and its potential changes to the world’s technology.
The reason why I chose this subject is because nanotechnologies are fast progressing in their application in different sectors. This technology has a promise of great application in the future which will change many aspects of the technologies being used today. The current application of nanotechnologies is limited but very promising in the light of heavy investments being done both at the research level and the industrial level. The technology is favored in many applications due to its ability to improve well-established products which in turn makes such products possess new characteristic which are more advanced in both characteristics and functions such that they are able to perform multiple functions. Due to the relevance of this subject and its wide application potential, more literature has been provided in this field recently. A lot of research is being done both in the laboratories and in the industries. Most of the literature in this field is very recent due to the dynamic nature of this technology as new uses emerge all the time. Adequate attention has been paid on this field as 50, 000 nanotechnologies articles are being produced annually in all parts of the world. Analysis of this materials, statistics and areas of application will enable me to identify the ways in which nanotechnologies is changing the world (Huang, C., 2011). This topic presents a lot of potential for exploration be future researchers.
This topic will analyze scholarly materials like journals and recent articles. More ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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