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Microsoft Business Strategies towards Innovation - Case Study Example

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The paper "Microsoft Business Strategies towards Innovation" discusses that Microsoft is able to gain new perspectives towards their business processes and operations through their collaborations and partnerships with other organizations. Fresh ideas that promote innovations do not come overnight…
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Microsoft Business Strategies towards Innovation
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Extract of sample "Microsoft Business Strategies towards Innovation"

Download file to see previous pages The phenomenon of innovation has been proven to make all the difference between allowing a company to succeed in its business processes and operations, and push its development phase even further. However, there are a series of steps and factors to consider that would either help innovation or limit it. For this assignment, the writer has chosen Microsoft UK as his company of choice, a brand that is familiar around the world and well-respected.

Microsoft Corporation was founded in the late 1970s by the infamous William Henry Gates III, more popularly known as Bill Gates in Albuquerque, New Mexico, before it finally moved to Bellevue, Washington. The corporation is now headquartered in Redmond, Washington, where it continues to develop, manufacture, license and support a variety of software products for computers all around the world (Microsoft Corporation, 1999). Clearly, the company has become somewhat of a household name, since its days of dominating the desktop computers of individuals all over the world, all of whom chose Microsoft as their primary operating system of choice. These days, Microsoft can also be known for introducing new products into the world market, including computer hardware products and even home entertainment devices such as the MSN TV, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Zune (, 2009).

Microsoft is definitely one of the most powerful corporations in the world known for its openness to innovation. This is why the company believes that the first step to take in order to encourage new products and product improvement would be through developing research programs, which jumpstart innovation before all else. The company has been known to also partner with governments, universities and various organizations in order to improve the products that they can offer to the world market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Microsoft Business Strategies Towards Innovation Case Study - 7.
(Microsoft Business Strategies Towards Innovation Case Study - 7)
Microsoft Business Strategies Towards Innovation Case Study - 7.
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