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The Problems of E-Business and Its Implementation in Business Organizations Across the UAE - Research Paper Example

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The research study clearly explains and analyzes e-commerce systems including its effective application in the business organizations operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Electronic commerce or in short e-commerce is now an integral part of the various business to business…
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Extract of sample "The Problems of E-Business and Its Implementation in Business Organizations Across the UAE"

Download file to see previous pages A successful e-commerce venture is based on various factors. It is a combination of a contemporary technology and logical strategy not to mention an ample dose of creativity. However, a successful e-business also needs an adequate amount of good luck too. In the above context, good luck can be translated as the practice of utilizing appropriate opportunities at the right time. In the present business situation, the traditional method “wait-and-watch” practised by the business person will not actually translate into profits for the organization. This is so because in the current situation an exceptional innovative business system which would completely change the way business is being conducted is waiting to enter the business arena. In the present economic situation, electronic business is one of the sectors in which a remarkable growth is predicted and is possible to sustain this phenomenal growth for many more years to follow. E-commerce may be a new entity in the business market, however, in this short span of time, it has managed to exert considerable influence in both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) markets. The percentage and volume of e-commerce keep escalating on a daily basis cumulating into a significant growth annually. Large segments of the population have now taken to e-commerce to find the best products and services around the world from the comforts of their homes at the best possible prices. However, the demands of these people on the system and their expectations also increase proportionally with their use of e-commerce systems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Problems of E-Business and Its Implementation in Business Research Paper.
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