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This report reviews and examines the market for establishing a new industrial business in the Arabian Gulf, which in this case study will be establishing a new Structural Fabrication Yard to be built in the State of Qatar to target the local and regional growing industrial demand.
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Establishing a New Industrial Fabrication Yard
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Download file to see previous pages The global energy demand continues to surge upward due to the social implication of sustaining the economic way of life especially among developing nations like China and India, both of which host large populations.
In the area of oil reserves, much of the oil in the world today is currently owned by OPEC nations, which gives them the authority towards manipulating the path of oil prices and production worldwide. Although non-OPEC members deliver a higher amount of oil and petroleum bbl/day, OPEC still controls almost 70 percent of the world’s total oil reserves.
Offshore assets account only for a limited percentage of the world’s oil supply. In this case, offshore oil development is encouraged in order to provide new alternative sources of oil. However, with the limited output and percentage of offshore oil production, the opportunity must be developed in order to increase its market share in oil supply. Worldwide liquid consumption and petroleum products are forecasted to grow indefinitely from 83 million bbl/day in 2004 to an estimated 97 million bbl/day in 2015 and 118 million bbl/day in 2030. This means that world consumption of oil and petroleum products will have a higher demand in the next 10 years. Since alternative fuels for transportation are still scarce and underdeveloped, the forecast is still towards the use of oil and petroleum-based fuels to operate the economy.
Offshore projects are currently developing as OPEC itself is contributing and encouraging offshore exploration in order to tap new sources of oil reserves that will help in sustaining the high demand for oil. It is also relevant to show that world oil leaders, like Saudi Arabia, is contributing new investments in their oil industry to further boost the oil production and as such prepare for the increasing oil demand in the future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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