Industrial New York: Filthy Cities & Triangle Fire - Movie Review Example

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Crowded regions of industrial New York facilitated localized illnesses and the quick spread of bacteria from household to household through sewage,…
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Industrial New York: Filthy Cities & Triangle Fire
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"Industrial New York: Filthy Cities & Triangle Fire"

Download file to see previous pages This activity maintained the subtleties of continuing corruption during the mid and late 1800s. Corruption prevented the state authority from improving its sanitation services. Corrupt leaders exploited the poor, who were mostly immigrants and minorities in New York. Bribery and patronages blinded many associations and representative institutions from viewing and witnessing the aggravating challenges in crowded areas in New York.
Technology solved the sanitation challenge by innovative sewerage and interior plumbing in crowded neighborhoods in Industrial New York. Civil War Colonel George Waring saw the installation of a system for carrying away sludge from the inner city. Cleanliness could be implied only in industrial New York by fitting pipelines with pump stations at the periphery of the city to remove waste within the city. Equally, technology proved problematic when machinery and pump station was clogged and irreparable. Reformers were very effective in cleaning up New York’s filth. After reformists hired Colonel Waring, New York’s localities and streets became clean within a short period. Waring employed the same sewage technology and system from Memphis. Reformers began cleaning up the city from immigration and minority populated neighborhoods before proceeding to wealthier parts of industrial New York. Sanitation reformers changed the city and were viewed as heroes afterwards.
Business owners did not like regulations imposed on their businesses by the government and organizations such as labor unions. Business owners viewed these impositions as a threat to their properties and enterprises. Business owners objected to the way the media tarnished their names while progressives drew up reforms to limit their control over the market and put a cap on their abnormal revenues. The kinds of reforms unions used included,
The Triangle Fire changed the way New York and the United ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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