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Strategic Leader's Features - Coursework Example

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The author states that the essential characteristic of a successful strategic leader is to have the vision to anticipate the trends his firm in that direction by being proactive. He should have good communication skills so that he can not only communicate the vision but also the daily objectives…
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Strategic Leaders Features
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Extract of sample "Strategic Leader's Features"

Download file to see previous pages A good business leader should be honest and should maintain his integrity. If he does indulge in dishonesty he will directly affect the image of the business (Johnson). It is also important that he is able to select a good team which is able to work together. He should also be tactful enough to be able to motivate employees so that they can give their best performance and are happy in the work environment. It is important that a leader has consistency in his character so that the leadership may be effective. Lastly, the leader should be able to take criticism in his stride and continue to work towards his strategic goals.
Famous leaders have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and have grown their businesses manifold. Brandson1 is called a "transformational leader” in the business world and is famous for his exceptional strategies and his stress on an informal work environment driven by information and focus on lower level management (Thompson). Stelios Haji-Ioannou2 founder of Easy Group was known for his exceptional marketing moves and innovations in his business he revolutionized air traveling, cruising and the internet with his innovative strategies and marketing moves. It is through his leadership that the firm grew in all directions. Anita Roddick3 founder of The Body Shop cosmetics store also known as "Queen of Green" for conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner. Her humanitarian qualities as a leader and decision maker made her famous and enabled her business to grow throughout the world with a total of 2000 stores in 50 countries.
A mission statement is a concisely tells the purpose the company exists. This indicates that the focus is more on the outcomes and the results rather than the methods used to achieve the goals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategic Leader'S Features Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 Words.
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