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Narrative on Seminar Discussion - Essay Example

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The emphasis on creating a balance between people and tasks is becoming a reality in the modern day. Leaders face the compulsion of understanding the expectations of the followers,…
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Narrative on Seminar Discussion
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Download file to see previous pages Unless followers see outstanding qualities in leaders, it is impossible for them to develop any attachment to the leaders. However, when followers are led by the type of leaders they want, high productivity levels become evident.
In the discussion held by Jones and Gofee, it became evident that followers have expectations and do not follow leaders blindly. It was intriguing for me to listen to the two experts highlighting the expectation of followers from their leaders. One of the aspects that became evident is that followers need to be led by leaders who can inspire them. Notably, a leader is responsible for inspiring members of his or her team. The emergence of transformational leadership as one of the highly influential leadership theories I the 21st century has served to place emphasis on this aspect. Followers need leaders who can motivate and inspire them to bring out their best. It is possible for leaders to inspire followers if they communicate their vision to the followers. Followers need to understand a leader’s vision for the organization. If the vision is appealing and convincing, then followers are willing to make it a reality. In many cases, leaders who lack the capacity to inspire their followers face frustrations from daily reports of low productivity. Notably, experts have explored numerous theories and strategies that explain how leaders can inspire their followers. The fact that Jones and Gofee give this aspect a priority in their discussion reveals the level of importance it has (Goffee & Jones, 2000).
Leaders need to exhibit a passion for the company’s goals and develop a clear vision of the organization. Leaders who can do this, make their followers feel energized. Inspiration requires leaders to initiate positive changes within the organization and the individuals as well. A leader who can inspire team members effectively is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Narrative on Seminar Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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