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An Examination of Organisational Culture - the Regent Hotel - Article Example

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This essay describes a coherent culture for the effective functioning of an organization. A distinctive culture ensures that all are working towards a common goal and provide the basis of competitive advantage. Organizational culture can also resist change and become impediments to growth…
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An Examination of Organisational Culture - the Regent Hotel
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Download file to see previous pages Exotic applied the traditional approach to strategic management where power and decision-making reside at the top-level of the organization. In such a case, Kemp & Dwyer contend, organization members are more doers than thinkers. While employees’ actions are controlled and predictable, and their roles are defined by their position in the organization, it stifles creativity and the avenues of growth are shut out. There is lack of motivation and commitment as employees are unable to make any contribution to the organization or participate in any way. Culture is a set of important understandings that members of a community share together but in the case of Exotic, everything was thrust upon. Kemp and Dwyer quote that an analysis and recognition of surface culture should be the first step in strategy formulation. Organizational paradigms or artefacts are the most visible and the most superficial manifestations of an organizational culture. Exotic considers every employee an important member of the family while Sympa considers them as the most important resource and each staff member is a profit centre. Both value and train the employees, both are committed towards their employees. Exotic followed rituals and routines, one of the six artefacts of the culture. They practice the ritual right from recruitment, training, further development, promotions and induction as managers. These formal processes according to Robbins et al., are rituals which include relatively formal organizational processes. Such rituals are routinised activities that maintain cultural beliefs and and values.  The Group’s slogan ‘Exotic Spice’ conveyed the shared attitude and values and symbolized the vision of quality. As a matter of routine, when the staff succeeded in meeting the criteria of excellence in service, they were rewarded. Kemp and Dwyer point out that such recognition not only serve to reinforce to others that organizational culture has to be respected, it also demonstrates commitment to the culture.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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