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Greek Wine Industry - Essay Example

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The paper “Greek Wine Industry” gives an illustration of the wine industry in Greece and the potential scope of a new wine firm where already large number of manufacturers supplying high quality products exists. Greek used wine as a necessary part of daily regimen…
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Greek Wine Industry
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Extract of sample "Greek Wine Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Physical resources: The successful growth of the wine industry in Greece is primarily due to the abundant resources available in the country. The indigenous varieties of white and red grapes cultivated across the country like Assyrtiko, Lagorthi, Robola, White Muscat and Mandelaria which resulted in production of pleasant, aromatic and superior wines blended with distinctive flavours (Thalassi Companies Inc., 2010). The abundance of resources provides raw materials to the industry at a much cheaper rate while ensuring greater profitability to the farmers because of large scale of production. The favourable weather conditions (plentiful sunshine, moderate rainfall) and fertile soil of the country are the main reasons for Greece being one of the oldest and largest grapes producing region in the world. Recent reports shows approximately 70,000 hectares of vineyards (accompanied by 50, 000 hectares for grapes and raisins) were cultivated and they yielded approximately 3.5 million hectolitres of wines annually (Bettini, 2013). The main grapes producing regions of the country are Kavala in Macedonia, Corinth in Peloponnese and Heraklion in the island of Crete (Thalassi Companies Inc., 2010). Apart from grapes, the greater availability of water (used in the production of wine) in Greece due to the fact that it is mostly surrounded by sea and has numerous streams flowing across the country also supported the wine industry. The Hellenic Sugar Industry, the sole sugar industry in Greece supplies sugar. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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