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In the paper “Market Entry Strategy of Kraft Foods Group” the author analyzes the factor and demand conditions of the wine industry of Greece, which are examined with the help of porter’s national diamond analysis. The wine industry of Greece is extremely competitive…
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Market Entry Strategy of Kraft Foods Group
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Download file to see previous pages Apart from this, the quantity of resources is also extremely high within the region of the country which acts as a catalyst for the nation. This helps the nation in increasing its position and prosperity regarding wines in the global perspectives as compared to others (Levitt, 2007). Along with this, the capital resource of the nation is also quite high that proved effective in increasing its production quantity to increase the reputation and attractiveness in the market. Varieties of wine in Greece:Greece produces a majority of the varieties of grapes such as Macedonia, thrace, Epirus, thessalia, sterea ellada, Peloponnese and many others. These varieties of grapes helps in manufacturing varied types of wines such as red wines, white wines. This is mainly due to the Mediterranean climate and rainy winters that helped in the development of the finest quality of grapes (Porter, 2011). Therefore, the demand and total sale of the product of wine is higher to its excellent taste. 1.1.2 Human resources: The education level of the citizens in the region of Greece is comparatively higher as compared to its neighboring nations. So, the rate of unemployment is quite lower rather than others (Porter, 2008). Therefore, the literacy rate of the labors within the region of Greece is lower as compared to its adjoining regions and this acted as a boon for the organisation functioning in the section of wine. However, the skill to handle advanced machines is quite lower among the individual of Greece, but it need to be improved in future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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