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High Performers in Marketing and Advertising Majors - Essay Example

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In the paper “High Performers in Marketing and Advertising Majors” the author investigates the perceptions of high-performing undergraduate students in advertising and marketing majors; especially by exploring the relationship between student satisfaction with learning outcomes in business programs…
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High Performers in Marketing and Advertising Majors
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Extract of sample "High Performers in Marketing and Advertising Majors"

Download file to see previous pages One of the more interesting findings of this study was the difference in perception of fellow classmates between high performing and low performing students. The article notes that “students with lower GPA (scores) reported higher satisfaction with fellow classmates than students with higher GAP (scores)” (Walsh & Woosley, 2013). In this case, it emerged that students with high performance in their GPA scores had varying perceptions compared to their low-performing peers. This raises a question as to whether this dissatisfaction among high-performing students has more to do with their view that low-performing students make them carry an extra burden in teamwork efforts, or that they simply do not appreciate their fellow classmates who have lower levels of performance (Walsh & Woosley, 2013). This might indicate that lecturers and other faculty members might have to pay more attention to how students are assigned to teams if they wish to retain high performing students. Another interesting aspect of this study was that there was no significant difference between the perception of leadership/management skills and teamwork and effective communication between low and high-performing students, in terms of their overall perceptions of program quality. The authors indicate that this could be explained by the fact that “…students may be making similar progress and learning similar things” and that “high-performing students may underestimate their learning or that low-performing students may overestimate their learning”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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