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Some people embrace change and accept the challenges and opportunities that come with it. But, mostly there is a lot of resistance than acceptance to it. The main reasons…
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Leadership & Change
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LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE By of school I agree with Mullin’s point of view because different individuals normally respond differently to change. Some people embrace change and accept the challenges and opportunities that come with it. But, mostly there is a lot of resistance than acceptance to it. The main reasons to this may be the habit, comfort and insecurity (Beer, et al. 2001 pg. 50). There are some individuals who recognize the drivers for change and apply it; these are the organization’s change drivers. Whenever these individuals scrutinize the reasons that are behind the resistance, they will be in a position to bring the successful change to the organization. An argument against this point of view that I think is important is the fact that in most cases the manager and the leaders who are in the organization’s higher positions are the drivers of change. These are people who can analyze think and develop the behavioral changes that can influence the individuals who bring the resistance to change (Mullins, 2010, pg.31).
I believe it is the role the managers to changes in an effective way. They have to develop some individual management skills. They should be sense maker and sense giver. Through effective communication, they can translate the changes. They can also minimize the anxiety of the employees through sharing the information and discussing the needs and the advantages of the change (Rubin, et al.2010, pg.217-9). A leadership style that is democratic can reduce the opposition and assist to in getting an easy acceptance. Whenever empathy is displayed by the leader, those employees who are scared of change will embrace the change process voluntarily. The industries such as advertisement, PR and media require a constant change. And for the globalised competition survival, the other industries have to bring in some change.
I would recommend the Lewi’s Change Management model because many people prefer and work within given zones of safety. The model is also is easy to use, and a lot of organizations use this model to implement major changes (Ibarra & Hansen, 2011,pg.69-70). It has three stages;
1. Unfreeze – Many individuals have an active effort so as to resist any change. To overcome this, a period of unfreezing or thawing has to be initiated through motivation.
2. Translation – Immediately change has been initiated, the company goes to the translation period, and this may take some time. Efficient leadership and reassurance is important for this process to succeed.
3. Refreeze – once change has been accepted and implemented successfully, the organization becomes stable once more, and the staff refreezes while they work under the new guidelines.
The disadvantages of this model are that you cannot skip any step or the entire process will totally fail and the change takes a lot of time to be initiated and deployed.
The General Electrics managed some important changes its work culture at the time of transformational leadership tenure. Charles Handy’s framework was utilized to identify the cons of autocratic culture in its organizational culture. This had a significant change in the training and empowering of the employees to eliminate the challenges in the way of innovation and creativity. The opposing managers were removed. This created a lot of comfort in the staff and reduced the retention. Complete acceptance was grabbed through empowering the staff and created an informal way of communicating.
In conclusion, organizational change has influence in all the levels of hierarchy. The methodologies of change management are whenever they are applicable to both the change maker and the acceptors. Change success relies on the willingness of staff to embrace it with enthusiasm and also implement it (Scheer, et al. 2003 pg. 80).
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