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For article 1 leadership(creating vision and strategic direction/ and for article 2 critique anything on leadership change - Book Report/Review Example

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The “Vision and Leadership: Problem-based Learning as a Teaching Tool’ by Douglas is an article which discusses not only what leadership vision entails but also how to become a visual leader. The author insists the importance of vision in leadership which accompanies…
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For article 1 leadership(creating vision and strategic direction/ and for article 2 critique anything on leadership change
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Extract of sample "For article 1 leadership(creating vision and strategic direction/ and for article 2 critique anything on leadership change"

Download file to see previous pages , he cautions that not everyone can get it right the first time but constant practice with different visions and perseverance is what makes great leaders in our society and that vision should be embraced by everyone. “While it will always be the case that leaders vary in their capacity to exercise vision, this does not change the fact that everyone can learn and improve and strengthen their capability to exercise vision in appropriate leadership contexts (Douglas, 2013).”
The author discusses in great details about the definition of vision and what it entails and even further provides examples. I agree with his explanation that problems in leadership are not as easy to present themselves but with vision, they can be easily handled as soon as they present themselves. Organizations present with many different challenges and problems which ultimately affect its productivity and employee management. A leader that is focused on management only is likely to be unable to handle and solve all these problems. I also agree that despite the vision and management abilities of leaders, it is important for every leader to recognize their strengths and use it to their advantage in conjunction with the vision. The strengths may include skills and confidence.
I do not however agree much with the author using the examples of students purely in the whole article in discussing about vision in leadership. Even though leadership skills and confidence start being built up from the foundation and as early as possible, it would have been much better had the author also incorporated a few more examples of visionary leaders, their struggle with their leadership without vision and their eventual success rates. A few of these have been incorporated such as explaining the leadership of Starbucks owner and his success because of having a vision (Douglas, 2013).
The article is very educative on the matters of vision, how to attain and maintain it. It also further emphasizes the need to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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