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Recently, he won $2 million in the New England Lottery and decided to open ice-cream shops. He figured out that he had enough money to invest in ice-cream shops. He estimated that he needed 50 employees for…
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Utility Concerns in Choosing an Assessment Method
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Download file to see previous pages Over the course of a year, the total income from the selected employee is estimated at $16,000, so, the per week income from the selected 50 employees is estimated at [{($16,000/365)*7}*50] = $15342 (approx.). These calculations clarify the selection expenditure of Randy and other expenditures from the salary proceedings of selected employees (Heneman, & et. al., 2014).
For recruiting employees for ice-cream shops, Randy formulated two different types of selection methods, such as, interview process and work sample process. According to Prof. Higgins, if Randy used interview for selection method of employees then its validity would be 0.30 or 30%. On the other hand, if he followed work sample method then its validity would be 0.50 or 50%. For this selection method, Randy was received 100 applications from applicants. He used both the selection process. Interview selection process cost $100 per applicant on the other hand; work sample process cost $150 per applicants. It clearly suggest that work sample method of selection was costly than the interview process. From the previous calculation part, it is eminent that Randy invested $10,000 for the interview purposes of the applicants, additionally, $15,000 for work sample process to select the applicants. The average score of each of the applicants was 0.80. In that basis, it is apparent that selected applicant was reasonably profitable for the shops. If Randy could use only one selection process for applicants, he should use the work sample process. According to Prof. Higgins, work sample method’s validity would be 0.50, which was better than interview process (Heneman, & et. al., 2014). The reason of this was as interview process had the validity of 0.30. Employees were the public face of organization, so betterment in growth of organization should come from the great group of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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