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Critical analysis of assessment strategies and practice in the workplace - Essay Example

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This understanding is seen doing the assessment of their skills and competence, (Friedlander, 2004, p199). There are the main factors that are considered while assessing the level understanding from…
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Critical analysis of assessment strategies and practice in the workplace
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Download file to see previous pages The ability to pass that knowledge to other is extremely beneficial if the knowledge is to cause an impact. This calls for skilful verbal skills. This is because a student must have the ability to communicate with teachers, colleagues and clients or patients, (Banta, 2007, p57). There are moments that a direct discussion with a patient helps to make some procedures much easy, (Nicklin, and Kenworthy, 2000, p142). This should also be matched with the ability to consult is a verbal way freely and confidently. It therefore, becomes extremely necessary to find out whether the students know how to express themselves.
Accuracy and precision is also extremely vital factor. This is because most of the complicated procedures are time bound and of a sensitive nature, (Neary, 2000, p124). This explains why a single delay can end up costing a lot. The student has to be able to work with the required time frame and also demonstrate accuracy and precision, (Banta, 2007, p57). This reveals the extent and reliability capacity of the student.
The willingness to learn is demonstrated in a wide range of factors. A meritorious student should show the ability to learn new things, (Nicklin, and Kenworthy, 2000, p130). This includes asking the necessary questions and interacting with consultants, lecturers and other professionals who are way ahead. The student should also involve colleagues and fellow students so that they can exchange ideas, (Friedlander, 2004, p112). This too enhances understanding and learning process. It also shows that the student is willing to learn.
The questions should be clear and should assess the subject matter with a sense of accuracy, (Neary, 2000, p124). The research questions and data collections methods in the assessment should be relevant and detailed, (Banta, 2007, p57). This is to make sure that crucial data is obtained from the student and give a precise assessment of the level of understanding and competence of the student, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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