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Proposal for Organizational Learning Issues - Essay Example

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It provides a clear guidance on how to implement change using appropriate training and cooperation from employees. Organization learning can be subject to achieve only…
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Proposal for Organizational Learning Issues
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Download file to see previous pages All these analysis will enable in determining the appropriate solution to the organizational learning. A detailed analysis and research about the various mystifications and the alternative OLM is subject to make.
It is essential to determine the talent management strategies for the organization before any decision-making process. It will ensure that organization being transmitted to learning organization. After the action, the review is discussed to ensure that organizational learning is successful and in identifying the area of improvement. Technology based training is the most suitable form of training in achieving the learning organization objective.
Mystification in the organizational learning is created mainly by the diversity or multiplicity in the viewpoints. It is difficult in obtaining conceptual clarity. It clearly indicates the complexities and multidimensional phenomenon. Treating organization like people (anthropomorphizing) that is to treat the organization as a human in learning and it is creating more trouble (Lipshitz, Friedman, & Popper, 2006, p.7). Accordingly, it is subject to assume that the organization is capable of learning from them. However, no clear details exist about the transition from individual learning to organizational learning, and it carries more complexities.
Chic and Mystique includes various concepts like the double loop system, mental models, system thinking, dialog, reflection, absorptive capacity, etc. (Lipshitz, Friedman, & Popper, 2006, p.12). It has created a reified in the organizational learning. There false refrains in distinguishing the organization that learn and that does not. Next is the active mystification accordingly organizations are considered to be more spiritual rather than being instrumental (Lipshitz, Friedman, & Popper, 2006, p.13). Mystification plays the significant role that creates some glimpse by which organizational learning was not subject to accomplish ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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