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Business process modiling - Essay Example

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The managements may be forced to seek for an external assistance; a professional expert who may provide them with consultative services to help it address some of these issues. Such…
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Business process modiling
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Extract of sample "Business process modiling"

Download file to see previous pages SSP extends their services even to the public sectors in which they commonly deal with matters to do with invoicing among others within the Australian economy. Financial processing is usually very critical and the more reliable the customer perceives the company, the more the trust. It is, therefore, essential that firms handle their financial processes such as invoicing in a more accurate, efficient and reliable manner that can meet the satisfaction of the customers. This is the reason why SSP is restructuring its operations to meet these goals having received myriad complains from its customers.
In order to attain this objective, process modelling is identifiably the most significant method that can be used. Technically, the method uses visual analysis and design to gain insight into the challenging process with the application of Business Process Model and Notation (language). This technique is vital in evaluating the status of the SSP and recommending what can be done to enhance the future. This report aims at comprehensively evaluating two processes that can help address the issues of the SSP. Initially, a choreography illustration is presented to demonstrate the relationship SSP has with its primary stakeholders such as the clients. The second diagram is a more sophisticated demonstration of the collaboration SSP has in its operation. It critically analysis how process run within the firm and how invoices (as at now) move in straight into the company. In a nutshell, the above mentioned process models are meant to determine how SSP invoicing system functions and contextualize the relationships/interactions the organization has with the primary entities.
Moreover, this report assesses governance of SSP through lenses of ‘governance structure and model conventions’. To gain a deep understanding of the nuances of the functional processes and value chain activities going on the company, a functional matrix is applied. It is virtually possible ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Process Modiling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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