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BPMN advantages, disadvantages within system integration - Essay Example

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An author of this study "BPMN advantages, disadvantages within system integration" would focus on representing a discussion about Business Process Modeling Notation within a system integration context, more detailed describing its advantages and disadvantages.
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BPMN advantages, disadvantages within system integration
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Download file to see previous pages Business Process Modeling Notation offers a common universal language thereby reducing the communication barriers that existed in designing the business process models. Business Process Modeling Notation also helps in bridging the gaps that existed in communication which affected the process of business modeling from the designing stage to the implementation stage.Since Business Process Modeling Notation uses the technique of flowcharting, the method has made information relaying simpler. This is because use of images assists users and designers in summarizing information. A single flowchart can be used to reflect many situations that would have required a lot of words in explaining and representing.Another significant advantage of using Business Process Modeling Notation is the fact that it is a simple model. The model embraces simplicity by converting information and representing it in a simple flowchart. This gives it an upper hand in the market since every business is after a simple model that will serve its purposes and at the same time it is easily applicable in every business environment provided that the firm maintains proper records and comprehensive data on its operations.Business Process Modeling Notation is an important model especially in firms that has adopted process automation. In the modern world, more and more companies have adopted a system that supports high levels of information technology since this makes operations in the company much smoother. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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