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A critical review of one article relating to aspects of transformation of work - Assignment Example

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Their growth has extended beyond financial services and sectors in the telecommunication industry as their initial bases. Competitive advantage has been gained through integration of telephone as well as…
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A critical review of one article relating to aspects of transformation of work
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Extract of sample "A critical review of one article relating to aspects of transformation of work"

Download file to see previous pages By year 2002, 2.3% of the working population of UK was working in the call centers. A call center is defined as an operation in which employees who utilize computers receive inbound calls or make telephone calls which are outbound. Those calls are processed by a call distribution system which is automated. Technological growth and innovation have led to the production of change and organizational form continuity. The paper relates to employment relations and organization at work. It also relates to the process of labor and control, gender, practices of human resource management, emotional labor and unionization. It aids to the understanding of the nature of work in call centers.
The article recognizes one theme in that, despite the common aspects that integrate telephone and visual display unit technology, call center’s work organization is not uniform. This necessitates the need to take account in relation to differences in a number of variables. The article focuses on work which embraces call centers which are within the parameters of work knowledge. Operators’ perception is examined regarding exercise of control, pace of undertaking work and breaks determination. This tests the validity of regimentation as call center work description. Employees satisfaction levels are also examined relating to performance of tasks at work.
Dedicated teams at two surveys which were conducted, engaged in observation of the processes of work. Observations from notes from the fields, containing accounts of interviews with staff, formed the initial qualitative data set. Questionnaire schedules were conducted in both surveys. Observations and interviews led to the provision of background knowledge which aided in the construction of employee questionnaire. Questions were also formed based on consultations between human resource, call center managers and employees. The first survey was a telephone questionnaire conducted by managers. This was done to determine ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Critical Review of One Article Relating to Aspects of Transformation Assignment.
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