Select an organization that has a web presence and analyze the organization using elements listed below from Chapter 3 - Article Example

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It started its operations in 1901. Since that time, Gillette has lived to be one of the best organizations that deal with production of razors and blades in addition to other…
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Select an organization that has a web presence and analyze the organization using elements listed below from Chapter 3
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Gillette of organization: Gillette 2. Web address: http 3. Market space of theorganization
Gillette is an organization that manufactures and supplies safety-shaving products for men and women. It started its operations in 1901. Since that time, Gillette has lived to be one of the best organizations that deal with production of razors and blades in addition to other shaving commodities. Since it was started, it has had success in the market despite of a number of challenges. The company’s good market share helped the company to sail through economic hardships in 1920s and 1930s.
Products from Gillette are supplied and sold in all parts of the world. It is a company based in US but it enjoys a large market share in all continents. The organization has branches in various countries to ensure that there is a continuous supply of products to their customers. The company has laid strategies that are responsible for the large market share that they have.
Gillette enjoyed monopoly of the market until 1962 when other companies producing similar products emerged to compete for market. Despite of competition from other companies, Gillette has maintained a higher number of customers across the globe. Gillette has 70% of the market share with its competitors sharing a 30% share. The company started with men’s razor and blade products, after a proper market research, they started to manufacture women shaving products too.
3. Customer need the organization is trying to satisfy
The organization has made efforts to satisfy customer’s need of safe shaving products. In addition to this, women were also in need of shaving products specifically made for women.
Gillette supplies shaving products for both men and women in order to satisfy all their shaving needs equally.
Men had complains when they shave with ordinary razors. They developed complications like rushes and pain after shaving. Due to this, they needed shaving products that are safe. Gillette produces a variety of shaving products that completely satisfies their customers’ shaving needs. Their razor products include Atra, Trac-II, and Sensor for women. They also produce Mach3 that has three thin blades designed to shave closely with less strokes and no irritation.
Their shaving products are the best on the market according to customer’s analysis.
The products are safe and there is no irritation or development of any other complication after shaving.
Customers as well need products that are less expensive. To satisfy this need, Gillette has applied technology to produce shaving products that can be used more than once; hence, their products are economically friendly to customers.
5. Key competitors
Gillette has several competitors that threaten their large market share. Key competitors include Schick and the Quattro. They produced the first four bladed razors to the market. They also produced shaving products for women for instance, Intuition for women invaded Gillette’s hold of market for women shaving products.
Gillette has also faced serious competition from online competitors for example the dollar-shaving club. They try to win customers using their low shaving prices as compared to Gillette products. Their shaving cost for a month is as low as one dollar.
6. Basis of organization’s relative competitive advantage
Gillette has several advantages to counter competition from its competitors. Because they have been on the market for a long period than their competitors, they have customers’ trust.
Another advantage is based in their long time history of innovations.
They have good marketing strategies as compared to their competitors. Read More
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