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Russia - Essay Example

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Similar to other numerous states globally, the inception of Russia was as a result of migrating people who upon coming together established into strong empire. In earlier, Russia comprised of cities that with time became an empire inhabited by Eastern Slavs and Finno-Ugric…
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Extract of sample "Russia"

Download file to see previous pages This is due to the challenges people encountered during communism, which made numerous people end up trusting more their families based on the support they received like combining their resources to survive. Hence, currently people seem to prefer trusting more close families. From then to date the state has significantly grown especially with the inception of Russian Federation, which emerged after the cessation of Soviet Union. This growth has been attributed to exclusively reliance on resources especially oil and gas (whose reserves are in Western Siberia), hence giving the state unequaled power not only economically but also politically in the region. For instance, 2/3 of the state’s oil and gas export head to the European Union region thus comprising 24% of the Russia’s GDP. Oil and gas transportation is merely by pipelines as well as physical tanks by respective firms. The economy of Russian federation has been through immense progress, which has always had many setbacks. Due to rising energy prices and the radiant global economy, the country has benefited greatly and been through higher growth rates before 2008’s great recession (Hanouz & Prazdnichnykh 3). The Western sanction issues during 2014 invasion into Ukraine have also been a contributing factor. During these years, the country faced not only price drops but also low demands and financial sector almost collapsing. Despite all these, the government countered its issues and challenges mainly through stimulus spending. The country has not really grown at the same pace as its competitor despite the availability of many resources as well as educated population but this also as a long term goal, shows the potential Russia has to compete with the super powers.
Since the crumpling of Soviet Union, Russia has been changing notably from a centrally planned and globally isolated economy to a more of globally integrated and market based economy. In 1900s during their economic reformations, most of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Russia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Russia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Russia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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... in 1917 since the government was experiencing a shortage in food reserves, ammunition, factories and low morale among the soldiers. Corrupt Czarist government and massive treason among the top military ranks created a crisis that paralyzed the normal national life. The peasants and workers in factories experienced poverty and denounced the war and killed the rich peasants in order to seize control of productive agricultural land (Wade 5). Russia was predominantly an agricultural economy and the clergy, nobility and royal families owned much of the agricultural land and controlled much of the agricultural production. The Czarist government did little to improve the economic system and a majority of the peasants in the villages suffered...
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... was abolished by Tsar Alexander II during this year. Evidence from literature indicates that Czar Alexander actually managed to emancipate about 44 million peasants from the state oppression. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that the said Czar knew very well that the only way for Russia to the rest of the world was indeed ready for modernization and was through the abolishment of such a system of oppression. Though the move was noble, it caused several problems within the Empire. This was further aggravated by the fact that majority of the freed peasants were uneducated. One of these problems was that the land provided to this group was actually quite small in comparison to what they had been allocated as plots when they were...
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... not pumped up the muscle of the former Soviet Union. While the land mass of Russia is larger than any nation-almost twice that of the United States-its economy is only the ninth largest in the world (Weidenbaum 2004, p. 681). Russia's transition from communism to capitalism has been a slow, albeit a positive, step. And while Russia is experiencing the pains of creating a new economic system, some progresses are already underway. It was in 1991 that the communist Soviet Union was dismantled and the Russian government proposed numerous radical reforms designed to transform the economy from one that was centrally planned and controlled to one based on capitalist principles. The Encyclopdia Britannica (2007) summed up that the major components...
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...gradually eliminated all his opponents (Library of Congress Country Studies, 1989). Stalin removed all his obstacles his rivals in the 1930s. He eventually used murder as an tool to mop up the rest of his enemies in a series of show trials. This made him a terror among his enemies and slowly, Stalin had every individual who could challenge his authority killed or jailed, leaving him in sole control of the USSR (eHow, 1999). The most important benefit was for the economy. In spite of the fear he invoked among the people of Russia improved the Russian economy. Utilizing collectivization and industrialization Stalin gave Russia the kick start for all economic improvement. However, the population of Russia was still quite distraught even...
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... in Russia, in order to understand its related factors, determinants, and its influence on other sectors of the country. Geographically, Russia is considered as transcontinental country having its boundaries in both Asia, as well as, Europe. In specific, a larger part of the Russian Federation is extended in northern Eurasia. Moreover, some of the countries that share their borders with Russia are Poland, Finland, Norway, Georgia, China, North Korea, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Latvia, etc. It can be seen that a number of these countries are rich in terms of culture and heritage, which is a kind of benefit for Russia, for being located in a rich cultural region. In terms of borders touching waters, Russia shares its boundaries with the Black Sea...
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...the Transcaucasian region which is designated to the south of the Caucasus Mountains has been confronted with disputes on intercultural interests among the states and ethnic groups as well as with armed conflicts that are a ‘hotspot’ due to the prevailing martial and political tension within its borders. Normally, there appears instability and reverse reactions over the newly-formed independent states of the Transcaucasian area of Russia which continuously struggle as rivals upon the strategic control of resources and reallocation of the spheres of influence. Hence, analysts are inclined to bear foresight of a socio-economic and political condition in Transcaucasia that is essentially understood in the perspective of examining the...
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.... Russia has been active in safeguarding its European gas market share through the state-controlled company, Gazprom, which has pursued to stymie European-backed alternatives to pipelines it controls by suggesting competing pipeline projects and availing European companies stakes within those projects. Moreover, the entity has endeavoured to dissuade possible suppliers (especially those within Central Asia) from participating in European-supported plans. Moreover, the dominant companies have raised their environmental concerns in an effort to impede other alternatives to its supplies, such as untraditional natural gas. This has made some European countries feel vulnerable to possible Russian energy supply manipulation that may frustrate...
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...statue commemorates Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin, who led a volunteer army against the Polish invasion in the 16th and 17th Century. From the above accounts, it is evident the St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of the cultural landscapes of Russia (Sacred-Destinations) Soviet Style Apartment Blocks Observed features: The buildings are large having many floors The apartment rooms are small. The décor is minimal The apartment blocks are unique; hence, they are part of the cultural landscape of the Russian Republic. The construction of these apartment blocks epitomizes the communal living advocated by the Soviet ideology (Obrazkova) St. Petersburg Mosque Observed features: The mosque is blue in color. It has a conspicuous...
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... remain engaged in evolution of the Russian democracy. It is hard to conclude whether Russia is still a democracy or not. But one thing is certain that it represents a unique version of democracy which is considerably managed. References Beer, D. (2009) Russias managed democracy. History Today. Retrieved November 30, 2014 Sakwa, R. (2010) The crisis of Russian democracy: The dual state, factionalism and the Medvedev succession. Cambridge University Press.... Is Russia still a Democracy? Institute Is Russia still a democracy? The debate about Russian politics is contested as it was before but there is an emerging consensus that Vladimir Putins...
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...conflict was due to Ukrainians electing a government in 2005 that was against Russia. The cutting of the gas supply was an indirect way of enacting a sanction to the Ukrainians. Realism best explains Putins behavior. According to Mingst and Ivan, realism is defined as selfish, fearful, and power seeking (79). The main agenda of the realists is to increase their power by either through balance or war. The main agenda of attacking Ukraine was to show Russia’s superiority. Russia aimed to impact into the Ukrainians’ that they should comply with Russia’s demand. Mingst and Ivan argue that Putin uses aggressive and forceful diplomatic measures to other countries as a way to...
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