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Ideology. What is ideology - Essay Example

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The word ideology has drawn scholarly interest. According to scholars, a set of ideas contains one’s goals, expectations, and actions. The way one looks at things may also be termed as ideology. The word ideology is formed from the word idea (Hawkes, 2003:12)…
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Ideology. What is ideology
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Ideology. What is ideology

Download file to see previous pages... The word ideology has drawn scholarly interest. According to scholars, a set of ideas contains one’s goals, expectations, and actions. The way one looks at things may also be termed as ideology. The word ideology is formed from the word idea (Hawkes, 2003:12). If a society comes up with ideas to-do something and an agreement is made, then that is what is termed as ideology. Ideology may either offer changes in the society or offer closeness where confrontations exist. Ideology can exist in many ways, one as an instrument of social reproduction. The beliefs and the interests of a nation or society is referred as ideology. Ideology may also mean abode of ideas that reflect needs and expectations of group, culture, or individual (Hawkes, 2003:12). The way or the manner of thinking is also, what is referred as ideology. There is the political ideology, which contain two dimensions known as goals and methods. All in all ideology means collection of ideas. However, each ideology contains specific ideas, which they consider them as their form of government (Freeden, 2003:32). Many ways explain how ideology came up. The word ideology was discovered first by Count Antoine Destutt de Tracy who is a French materialist in eighteenth century. This was originated from Kharl Marx who had defined it as a false consciousness. Although their ideas were neither universal nor objective, they came out of and served their interests. Today this word is used in a broad sense than how Kharl thought to be. Now means a set ideas used politically to distort social and political realities. In twentieth century, theorists such as Louis Althusser, Karl Mannheim, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Erich Fromm, and others tried to analyze this concept (Bailey and Gayle, 2003:65). Between 1754 and 1836, Destutt de Tracy, a French Enlightenment thinker tried to establish a “science of ideas “and called it “ideology.” Napoleon accused the thinkers who tried to promote freedom and human rights. Marx went on further and specified the concept of ideology through his theories. Ideology was established through a strong debate of politicians and philosophies and through fights of the French Revolution. The word was mentioned by Destutt de Tracy in1796. The reason of mentioning it was to refer one aspect of his “science of ideas.” Hippolyte Taine’s was the near accessible source of the original meaning of the word ideology (Rejai, 2009:43). According to Karl Mannheim’s reconstruction of the word ideology, the meaning used now was born when Napoleon Bonaparte used it in abusive way against “the ideologues” to show the pettiness of his political opponents. “Ideology” was coined before the Russian coined “intelligentsia“referring to sort of person (Rejai, 2009:43). However, this word ideology has dropped some of its strong sting thus becoming neutral. An historian Althusser also used the notion of the ideological Apparatus to give more details on his hypothesis of ideology. He used to explain his materialistic attitude by saying that “ideas are material.” Community developers and political parties base their plans and strategies on an ideology (Althusser, 2008:7). George Lichtheim has explained the word ideology in a very good and brief manner. Most of political parties base their programmes on ideology. This would help them to achieve their goals and their plans. The politicians use ideology mainly to power and how the power can be used. There some groups which follow a certain ideology very keen. The political ideologists include anarchism. The anarchism is a political philosophy. The western society believed that when a wrong doer interferes with an innocent person, the wrongdoers are severely punished so that it can be a lesson to others (Althusser, 2008:7). There are cultures that see this as a bad method. Language and ideology by Andrew Goatly, reminds us that ideologies always maintains language. James W. Underhill, in “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Writer Inserts Date Here (Day, Month, Year) Definition essay on Ideology The word Ideology can be generally defined as ‘a system of ideas that explains and lends legitimacy to actions and beliefs of a social, religious, political, or corporate entity.’ Different philosophers and ideologists have defined the term in different manner, like: 1.
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Malala was a teenage schoolgirl in Pakistan who was shot in the head for the sin of going to school in a Taliban controlled area. Even in the 21st century, the human race is in such a cannibalistic state that it simply kills a girl for just trying to pursue education.
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He define ideology as the "science of ideas" and did not concieve of the term as uncomplimentary, which it has since become. Hippolyte Taine was able to come out the must accessible source for the original meaning of ideology by adopting De Tracy work and he also work on aristocratic social and political system establish in France under the Valois and Bourbon dynasty (14th century to 18th century) these period is know as "Ancien Rgime." He use Socratic method to describe ideology like a teaching philosophy, presenting the vocabulary in the manner in which the general reader already possessed and without example from which practical science will require.
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I perceive that I am biologically a woman, but the assumptions I then make that certain roles and relations are more suitable for me than others is the result of my having been socialised into the dominant ideology of my society. My assumptions, and the socialisation of which they are a function, are unconscious because of the invisible nature of ideology itself.
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