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RFP Correspondence management system - Essay Example

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The purpose of this RFP is to identify a company with the experience and resources to effectively provide an enterprise Correspondence Management System (CMS).Proposed company will supply, install, configure, and train all staff in the use of the (CMS). The Submitter must be…
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RFP Correspondence management system
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Download file to see previous pages Reducing the number of steps the correspondences/documents go through in their path till they reach their final destination. This should be fixed by creating a user friendly interface where many easy to identify icons are placed for the user to assign task and route documents for action.
Saving time and effort through giving the ability to trace the correspondences/documents state in terms of knowing their location in the department(s), who is the person responsible to take actions against them, delays, bottleneck etc…
Create Adobe PDF files for archiving and auditing and send the files to a preferred location for easy access when required. It also maintains an audit trail at each phase of the material management process.
Provide post go-live support for 3 year for system maintenance and administration. This is to ensure that the system is updated to tailor upcoming needs and errors unforeseen during system development are corrected.
All bidders to provide list of staff of those will be working in the project and proposed organization chart. Bidder should provide CVs with the proposal for Project Manager and system architects, web designers and developers for DEWA review and approval.
Bidders shall be responsible to ensure that their company, solution providers, developers, sub-contractors, and suppliersare capableto satisfactorily meet the project requirements. This shall be done prior to submitting proposal to DEWA.
In making the selection, DEWA will not be bound to award the tender to the lowest bidder. DEWA will take into consideration the prices offered, features and technology offered, proposed designs, delivery dates, cost for training and maintenance or any other elements which could affect the final cost to DEWA and the suitability of the solution.
DEWA reserves the right to request the bidders to arrange for a demonstration/trainingto better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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