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A Definition of RFP and RFIs and Their Application to the Procurement Process - Research Paper Example

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The paper "A Definition of RFP and RFI’s and Their Application to the Procurement Process" discusses that the use of an RFI may come when major procurements need to be carried out or where some major requirements for the procurement can be accomplished through different alternative means…
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A Definition of RFP and RFIs and Their Application to the Procurement Process
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Extract of sample "A Definition of RFP and RFIs and Their Application to the Procurement Process"

Download file to see previous pages This paper describes the potential problems and issues that organizations require to consider when they are making decisions concerning the most appropriate routes for making pre-contract engagements with their suppliers. The St. Paul meeting center that is located in Mississippi uses RFP’s or information to find visitors to their ideal locations that they have established for holding conferences, conventions, trade shows and other similar events. The company’s RFP requires any person or event information that their customers may require so that can prepare in advance for the meetings. It also contains the preferred contact methods and any other information that the customers may require on their site. The requirements include things like hospitality suite and audio-visual requirements and descriptions of the catered dining events among other similar issues (Cendyn, 2012).
According to the article, “RFP’s are sick, not dead” some senior representatives who were attending the Business Travel Market session 2012 debated on the issue with some proposing while others were opposing the motion. The critics insisted that RFP’s had been very long and required too many details that were, in fact, placing heavy burdens on their suppliers with the hope of winning business (Leach, 2012). However, one Bruno Fornasiero who was a global sales optimization director defended the process claiming that the principles behind the processes had remained strong over time though improvements could be made on this process. In his defence, he explained that he had viewed on many occasions RFP’s that asked questions like, “How many keystrokes are required to make a booking”.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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