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Event - Essay Example

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In March this year I got an opportunity at the Lubar hall in which a motivational speaker addressed on how to become successful in every aspect of life. I chose to attend this two hour motivational event because as a student of business, a future manager and entrepreneur it is…
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Organisational Experience Event. In March this year I got an opportunity at the Lubar hall in which a motivational speaker addressed on how to become successful in every aspect of life. I chose to attend this two hour motivational event because as a student of business, a future manager and entrepreneur it is my intention to gain as much skills as possible. Since the speaker was talking about his own life and entrepreneurship as well as motivating us, I knew this was an opportunity to learn from a real life successful person. In this paper I will be narrating about the event I attended and at the same time highlighting the organisational skills I learnt from the event.
The event began with a salutation from our group leader followed by a few welcoming remarks and an introduction of the speaker as well as the members present and the purpose of the events. Just from this introduction I learnt the importance having an organisation of order of doing things and pulling the attention of participants in ensuring the success of any event. The speaker of the day took up from the introductions and went straight to the main objective. He described to us his life from childhood, what he has been thorough and the candid sacrifices and steps he has had to make while eyes remained set on the object of achieving success.
According to the speaker ownership is a critical factor of success be in general life, academics or entrepreneurship. He emphasised the importance of persons taking the full responsibility of their life. I learnt that everything we do must be done for a purpose and in order to succeed we must always be willing to pay the price of our dreams. Staying focussed and becoming a subject matter expert in the field of interest are two other essential elements of success. The speaker also spoke about having a game plan for attaining personal or organisational goals, never giving up and being timely as crucial elements of success.
In my reflection on the event therefore I think success is largely out of personal efforts and not the support of others. Even to be supported one must put an effort in winning this support. There will always be challenges in everything we do but the secret is to stay focussed and objective. This calls an understanding our purposes and goals as well as the effects of our actions to others. Being decisive and ethical in our decisions can really help us win the support of others both in life, business and as leaders and once there is the support then people share common visions and goals of success. This I think will be crucial in my future life both as an individual, entrepreneur or leader. There was no major problem as the speaker managed to successfully engage us in a participatory discussion. I personally contributed through questions and personal thoughts on issues raised.
In conclusion, therefore the event was very helpful not only to me but also the many other participants. We had the opportunity to learn from the personal experiences and secrets of success by an individual who has worked for his success. I personally learnt to be organised, have personal targets, remain focused on achieving the goals and execute my action plans in a manner that is timely. I also was able to appreciate that everything we do has its own challenges and therefore, resilience, determination and being objective are very important success factors. Going forward therefore, I will be very keen on detail and seek the support of others through being ethical and never set my eyes off my goals. Read More
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