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Hence, we idolize great leaders and spend gigantic amount of money and time in search of efficient leaders and plough leadership among the existing employees. Firms prosper or decline partly based…
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Download file to see previous pages They eagerly take up extra work but at first they perform an extraordinary work in their core responsibilities. They prove themselves to be good judges of their own powers and flaws and are able to contribute well to the team (Johnson, 2009). If they know that they can succeed well they don’t mind coming across failures. They keep on searching for problems that remained unnoticed. They tend to see their coworkers as colleagues instead of thinking them to be entrants.
An effective follower must possess certain qualities such as; they are capable of managing themselves well, they tend to be courageous, innovative and honest and dedicated towards organization (Kupers, 2007). Self management is another ability of an effective follower – the ability to work efficiently without being under any supervision. Good followers are those people to whom the leaders can entrust responsibilities. Good followers possess quality to see themselves as equals of the leaders they follow. They are liable to disagree unapologetically with leadership and are not likely to be overawed by the organizational structure. Ineffective followers on the other hand are prepared to obey others unquestioningly, dither between distresses over their powerlessness and make an attempt to juggle leaders to fulfill their own purposes (Yung, 2013). Their fear of powerlessness becomes a self fulfilling prognosis for the individual as well as the work group. Or their hostility drags them to undermine the goals of an organization. A significant cost advantage is received by an organization where there exists a self managed manager.
There is a major role of followers towards organizational prosperity. Followers are believed to be furnished with complex thinking and innovative skills which if contributed to an organization can drive it towards success. People initiate in an organization as a follower. Followers tend to process good ideas and vision which they need to sell to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Followership Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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...of situations. Thus, it can be firmly advocated that trait approach serves as an essential measure to determine the effectiveness of leaders (Zaccaro et al., 2003) Question 3 Followership Behaviors and Its Consequences It can be identified from the case that Ben revealed numerous attributes of strong followership such and trust, emotional stability and compassion. However, these attributes of strong followership has certain negative impacts on the productivity of the plant. For instance, his sympathy towards employees had made them less concerned about their performance. The employees in the organization were engaged in building effective relationship with their leader than concentrating...
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...Learn to Lead by Following: Michael Frisina The convincingly argues that a leader can never be effective if there are no followers. “If you think you are leading and no one is following you, then you are just having a nice walk” (Frisina 2005). His argument builds the understanding that leadership is not just a position of authority, but a position of positive influence. In addition, the author also differentiates between the five different types of followers (‘yes people, sheep, survivors, alienated followers, and effective followers’) (Frisina 2005). Among the five of them, effective followers have interpersonal skills that seek understanding before being understood. The author points out that leaders and followers have... to Lead by...
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