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This study will be guided by the following research question: What are the strengths and weaknesses of religious engagement in peace building in conflict zones? This essay also explores the role of religion in creating conflict amongst people…
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Religious Engagement in Peace Building
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the world is a heterogeneous collection of religions. Every religion teaches humanity certain lessons that guide the individuals in numerous aspects of their lives including domestic, social, financial, political, peace building and many more. Religious values and teachings have a gigantic impact on shaping up a society’s cultural and intellectual principles and practices. One’s sovereignty, independence, and liberty are dependent on religious directions. It is the faith that educates the followers about the differences between the acceptable actions and immoral deeds, prevention from several problems, uncertainty that man confronts in every facet of his life and the comparison between the holy and sacrilegious matters. The world history has brought this appalling truth into limelight that majority of the fierce and ferocious events of the past come under connection with religion. The similar fact applies to the current global situation as well where most of the riots and violence have come under linkage with faith. On the other hand, it cannot come under ignorance that religion has played a commendable and phenomenal role in peace building, resolving conflicts and settling down volatile issues. As religion actually outlines all the important and substantial affairs of one’s life, it intensely and genuinely comes under involvement in influencing the followers’ notion and idea of conflict and peace building and its maintenance with respect to religion....
This can come under performance through a detailed study of relationship between religious ideas and peace building actions (Bellamy, Williams and Griffin, 2009, pp.12-15). The crucial cause of religious based conflicts is that the followers have incomplete knowledge of their faith and thus due to misconceptions they consider aggression, violence and hostility as an inevitable move offered by religion. Furthermore, in a region where denizens are not under proper and adequate security and are suffering from frustration due to terrible social or political scenario consider violence as a possible solution and think that this will make them heard by the government (Kaplan, 2007, pp. 123-126). However, this is not right but lack of religious understanding and violent streak in a hot-blooded lot begets to conflicts that would have come under refrain if people had correctly comprehended the religious guidance or the suggestions of religious teachers and representatives. Instead, they choose a destructive option of violence on cost of the respect and reputation of their religion and fall short in noticing the possible peaceful alternatives provided by their religion itself (Kaplan, 2007, pp. 123-126). People of diverse religious backgrounds residing in either a common or a defined place and practicing their religious rituals and ceremonies can be a cause of violence and discrepancies. However, one cannot shut his eyes to the reality that religions have gargantuan and mammoth potential for solving these intensified issues. Peace building mission can come under execution successfully by following the religious teachings in this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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