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Religious ignorance/unawareness - Research Paper Example

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Name Tutor Course College Date Religious Ignorance/Unawareness Religious groups of the present, as compared with the past in Canada, seem to have withdrawn from the public scene, except when certain ethical issues arise. This may be seen as a result of the decrease in the proportion of the population who practice religion, and the corresponding growth in the proportion of the population who are atheists and agnostics…
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Religious ignorance/unawareness
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Download file to see previous pages However, despite efforts to eradicate discrimination and inequality in Canadian society, these issues still exist (Olthuis, 23). The issue of Discrimination is also evident at workplace. It can be expressed indirectly by employers by recommending a specific dress code to wear to work. Imposing such rules and policies might pose as a disadvantage to some workers feeling alienated due to lack of flexibility to exercise their religious freedom. For instance, there are those individual whose religious believes allows them to wear hijab and turban. Based on their faith and beliefs, imposing suits to them at workplace can be discriminatory (Amiraux, Vale?rie & Viginie, 93). Discrimination comes in different forms at work place. Some employers have gone to that extent of advertising job application to only one religion. Employer should be at the fore front to ensure that their staff members feel comfortable and embrace one another regardless of their difference in beliefs, social norms and culture. There are steps which employers should undertake to curb the issue of indirect discrimination at work place. Firstly, in conducting job interviews, employers should ask their interviewees same questions related to a particular post that is being interviewed for. Nevertheless, the inquiries should strictly be job related. This signifies that all the applicant have the same potential and capacities. It sends a signal to the applicants that there is no favoritism in the company .When executing disciplinary actions; the employer should clearly record information about an employee that is business related. Professionalism should be exercised to a great length as spelled out in the code on ethics (Amiraux, Vale?rie & Viginie, 92). Offering training to inexperienced managers is crucial. Management decisions are sometimes critical when making judgments which are subjective. Consulting with senior managers is also advisable since it reduces cases of discriminatory judgment. Secondly, the employers should allow the employees to express their diverse religious values freely. Offering the workers a sacred place at work to practice their players in the course of their holy month is a hug step especially the Muslim. Muslim believers have prayers session during their holy month of Mubarak. They need to connect with their maker and denying them this chance and freedom is discriminatory. Workers themselves also have a role to play. Reported cases of employees to employee’s religious segregation are prevalent. The organization should create a channel where the employees are allowed to report such cases to the management or the human resource manager (Amiraux, Vale?rie & Viginie, 94). Employer s should come up with policies which promote tolerance and accountability which foster good relationships among the employees. These policies should spell out the possible ways to fight religious intolerance and publicize them to employees. Such rules and regulations include dismissal, suspension or offering expulsion to those who engage in such vices. Publication of the rule in employee’s handbook will be a strategic step in eradicating unfair treatment. Handbooks should incorporate the company’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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