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Organizational behaviors and leadership - Essay Example

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Organizational Behaviors and Leadership Name: Professor: Course: Date: Contents Contents 2 1.0ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORS AND LEADERSHIP 4 1.1Introduction 4 1.2VIRTUE LEADERSHIP PRACTICE AND THEORY 5 1.2.1Origins of Leadership Theory 5 1.2.2Meeting in the team building/ break room 6 1.2.3Trait theories of leadership (1920’s) 6 1.2.4Behavioral-based theories of leadership (1950’s and 1960’s) 7 1.2.5Define and review the new reality of Leadership 7 2.0THE TRAIT THEORY OF LEADERSHIP 8 2.1Examine the Leadership as an individual 9 2.2Explore the future of trait theory in Leadership 10 3.0CONTINGENCY THEORIES OF LEADERSHIP 10 3.1introduction 10 3.1.1Introduce behavioral leadership and its founda…
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Organizational behaviors and leadership
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Download file to see previous pages Advance scenarios played reflection 20 5.2 Appendix II leader self-sight reflection 22 1.0ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORS AND LEADERSHIP 1.1Introduction Ability to not only influence but also inspire others to endeavor the leader towards leaders’ goal is referred to us leadership. On the contrary, it is argued that leadership is a process of an individual influencing others to attain a certain goal. Further, it is important to realize that leadership can be those qualities that viewers see but on the other hand, cannot describe. Leadership is manifested in the following ways, when there is a crisis and someone comes in to solve, or when someone influences others, or when some people tent to follows others. To crown it all, leadership usually comes in a visible state when there is someone who responds to something innovatively. Four main theories for generations erupt as follows: there are traits theories, contingency theories, behavioral theories and lastly transformational theories just to mention but a few. According to the article written by John Mark, it is evident that all of the four theories outlined above none of them is neither time bound nor mutually exclusive. However, according to experts, it is true that each of the generation above, it has to some extent benefit to the leadership debate although still debate continues up to date. There are different titles that are used to describe the division of modern management. Therefore, leadership can be discussed under the following categories, for instance charismatic leadership in the current ongoing debate on leadership that replaces transformational leadership. Secondly, there is an approach based on skills, self-management, and leadership that involves sharing just to mention but a few. Due to the above, it is pertinent to approach the above phenomena with the model of leadership that is classical. The following are some of the pertinent traits that a leader should have. It is, a leader should have a need for achievement, resolution, and courage, capacity to motivate individuals and should have trustworthiness character just to mention but a few. The above figure shows the New Reality of Leadership 1.2VIRTUE LEADERSHIP PRACTICE AND THEORY 1.2.1Origins of Leadership Theory According to the great man theory, it is evident that there are those people who are born naturally as a leader. The article goes further to site people like Alexander the great and Caesar Julius. In addition, people like Mahatma and bush George are related in the theory of Heroic conception of leadership (1880) as being leaders by natural phenomena. This is due to their high level of clear vision and ambitions to their destinations. The above is because they have a unique set of personal qualities, which propelled ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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