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Leadership and Team Building - Essay Example

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The focus in the paper "Leadership and Team Building" is on different leadership theories. An effective leader should develop formidable teams that best represent the nature of their assignments and therefore guarantee the success of the specific projects. …
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Leadership and Team Building
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Extract of sample "Leadership and Team Building"

Leadership and team building Program visioning is part of strategic management, which seeks to steer the organization into success. Just as the name suggests, the organization’s vision is a dream and a projection of the achievements it seeks to make within a set period and the mechanisms of achieving such. Organizational visioning is therefore a great management tool, which helps the organization develop both products and management techniques to achieve the success it covers in its vision statement (Cole, 1997). Below is an example of a vision statement for a marketing department in a beverage manufacturing firm.
To provide the company with a sufficient market for its product within a period of the next one year through extensive market research and analysis thereby determining the most appropriate means of production in order to meet the subsequent rise in demand.
A vision statement does not only project the company or department’s future position but also outlines the time within which the organization seeks to achieve the successes. This way, a vision statement thus becomes a tool for assessing and evaluating the activities of the organization towards achieving the set targets. Additionally, a vision may therefore be either short term or long term depending on the nature of the organization. This implies that after achieving a vision within the set time, the organization evaluates its production and sets yet another vision for its immediate future.
Winkler, (2010) explains that leadership qualities best portray themselves in team building. An effective leader should develop formidable teams that best represent the nature of their assignments and therefore guarantee the success of the specific projects. Different leadership theories offer several explanations to leadership (Northouse, 2010). Contingency theory asserts that leadership depends on the nature of the circumstances. Different circumstance thus results in different leaders as such relative situations. According to this, an effective leader must offer the best solutions for the prevailing situation. Situational theorists on the other hand dictate that the best leader must develop a team that provides the best course of action based upon the relative situational variables (Coggins, 2009). This follows the understanding that every situation is different from the other and therefore requires a unique set of actions. Behavioral theorists dispel the notion that leaders are born. They believe that leaders are made and the process depends on the behavior of the leader. People see their leaders as role models and would therefore like to see admirable qualities in the leaders. This way, they develop teams consisting of obedient members who therefore achieve the success required of the projects (Meindl & Schyns, 2005).
Participative theorists explain that leaders should consider the input of others in their group thereby appreciate the contribution of their followers. Such motivate creativity thereby developing the right mental states in the team members. The management theory of leadership bases its importance on the supervision, performance, and organization of a group. An effective leader must therefore be capable to organize his or her group thereby achieves the successes required of such teams. Relationship theory of leadership lay more importance on the interaction between leaders and their followers (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2011). The nature of the relationship is important in developing formidable and successful teams. A leader must therefore influence his or teams by developing a trustworthy relationship with their followers. This way, the leaders motivate their followers possibly encouraging them to take risks for the general good of the group.
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Leadership and Team Building Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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