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Psychology at Work - Building Effective Teams - Essay Example

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This paper 'Psychology at Work - Building Effective Teams" focuses on effective team building at the workplace. It discusses how organizational policies impact the way a firm builds its teams. In an organizational context, the concept of team is a group of people that shares common goals. …
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Psychology at Work - Building Effective Teams
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Download file to see previous pages The members of the team are often guided by a leader who provides the necessary information in terms of task divide and receives feedback on the work progress. Grewal (2011) added that the team members may share a common goal but it is not necessary that all of the members in a team should have the same roles and responsibilities. Hollenbeck et al (1995) pointed out that a team can be differentiated from a group of people or students in terms of their individual roles. A group of people may share the same skills and qualities and they may not be interdependent to each other for meeting the common goal. A group is often formed without a leader, whereas a team needs a leader in order to ensure that the team members are following the right direction. In order for a team to be efficient and yield the desired result, the team working competencies are more important than the individual personality traits. Individual personalities of the team members may have different characteristics but the organization has to ensure whether or not those members can coexist harmoniously in a team. Then only the team as a whole can be able to yield higher productivity. The concept of emergent state identifies the team as a whole and addresses its evolution and improvement in a holistic manner. The most vital emergent states for team building are mutual trust, holistic team identity and confidence in the team’s ability (Nancarrow et al, 2013).
Team building helps a firm to efficiently organize its workflow. A complicated task can be efficiently achieved by breaking it down to smaller activities and allocating them to different members of the team. This, as a result, leads to proper skill utilization of the team members and the managers are able to accomplish a particular task in less time. Thus team building is quite effective in managing a work (Sutton, 2014).
Gottlieb (2007) mentioned that building an effective team allows the members to achieve the goal quickly and in a resource-efficient way.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Psychology at Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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