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Management, Leadership and Change assignment 2 - Essay Example

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A business’s endurance in the current competitive milieu is based on how well its top brass management can make strategic and subtle decisions, its ability to adjust to changes and stay above in the competition. The management should explicitly understand the phases of change,…
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Management, Leadership and Change assignment 2
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Download file to see previous pages According to Aluya (2009), successful transformation would require 70 – 80 percent leadership and only 10 – 30 percent management. Failure to plan is planning to fail. The foremost reasons following the botched change process is the opposition to change (Bean, 2014). A triumphant change principal will engage the members in the change process, and with this participation, the change will be probable.
The purpose of the report was comprehensively to scrutinize the transformational leadership that permitted Nokia Corporation to remain a market leader for decades. Another mystifying issue that inspired the research was the fact that Nokia products were facing stiff competition from their close competitors like Samsung yet it was many older than them. It should be settled that Nokia, having been established earlier, should have conquered the market due to customer constancy and high excellence merchandise that are customer-tailored, but this was not the case. There has been the change of leadership from transformational to Democratic leadership style. The research tried to demystify the impact that different leadership styles in organisations in terms of morale of employees, the relationship in the group and the consequent effects of changing from one leadership style to another. The research had a purpose of indicating how beneficial transformation leadership was to the company and showed why the change of direction to Democratic led to market failure of a once giant company. Collectively, the report exemplified that failure to cope with change leads to enormous letdown. 6
Transformational leadership has pragmatically been the preference for extenuating change in a managerial space. An organisation’s survival in the current economic landscape entirely depends on how suitably and adequately it assumes its strategies. The zenith of managers should be well informed of the changes that occur in the industry and rapidly conforms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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