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Sustainable Business Development -- Paper - Essay Example

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Consequently, several environmental groups and activists are continuously demanding for a decrease in the consumption of paper. With the increasing demand for the use…
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Sustainable Business Development -- Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Due to globalization, the demand for newsprint is increasing with more and more books and magazines selling in the streets. Modernization seems to be changing the use of paper, today more currents seem to be using paper for sanitary products, packaging and office paper among other uses. Unfortunately, most of this paper goes as a waste.
A study by Foghmontensen et al. (2001 p. 12), show that paper, pulp, and board take up 45% of the world’s commercial timber. In addition, many countries use paper for their packaging. In Europe, Asia, America, and many other countries, paper production manages these forests eliminating the non-timber uses, which is crucial for the local people. In addition, cutting down forests for paper production affects biodiversity and the environment, which includes water and soil. Further research shows that foreigners often purchase these forest plantations, and this keeps the local government from their control.
According to a report by UNEP (2013), paper production may sometimes use non-timber plant materials like the bamboo forests that seem to disappear slowly in India. These plants have environmental effects similar to the timber forests especially during wood pulp production. During paper production, there are ranges of pollutant emissions, which pollute the water and marine ecosystems whether through chemical or mechanical bleaching. These pollutants equally affect the human health. The wastes from paper production fill the landfill sites although paper recycling is now common especially because it saves energy and resources. It is unfortunate how these loggers continue clearing the natural forests considering that these forests help in rain formation. Industries have cleared the natural forests in order to have the fabricated forest. These forests are homes to much wildlife, and clearing these forests affects their habitat.
Paper production and use are on the increase, and, unfortunately, this has caused ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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