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Marketing is an important strategy when a company is in a dilemma. This is a good opportunity for me to understand how managers deal with their dilemmas to avoid…
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Ethical Issues in Marketing Ethical Issues in Marketing This paper is going to analyze ethical issues that arise in Apple Company due to cultural concerns and their causes. Marketing is an important strategy when a company is in a dilemma. This is a good opportunity for me to understand how managers deal with their dilemmas to avoid making uniformed choices. In addition, I will get the necessary skills for dealing with such situations hence making informed choices about ethical dilemmas. Information used in this paper will be retrieved from journals, books, and scholarly articles.
Apple Company Mexico is having ethical problems in marketing because the employees come from different cultural backgrounds (Ghosh, 2012). Each party comes with marketing transactions according to their cultural backgrounds of how the businesses should exist as well as how business should be implemented (Mozur 2015). Each aspect of marketing has ethical implications.
Market Research
Ethical implications in marketing study include incursion of privacy along with stereotyping (Brislin & Yoshida, 1994). Stereotyping happens because of analysis of real population in order to make applications as well as placing individuals into groups (Merriam, 2001). However, if it is conducted irresponsibly it might lead to ethical objectionable results.
Market Audience
In this perspective, selective market is mostly used to depress demand from unwanted market sectors. A number of unethical market barring includes past business stances to the gay, cultural minority as well as plus size markets (Knowles, Holton, & Swanson, 2012). Insufficient skills in marketing ploys is another ethical issue that is connected to vulnerable audiences in developing countries.
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2015 from:
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