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More often than not, ethical dilemmas come from either utter negligence or diligence in getting the task done, or by personal motivations that would negatively…
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Ethical Dilemmas
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Download file to see previous pages At such junctures, there are times when overlooking the important details or critical details seems to be favored than doing one’s own due diligence. This ethical dilemma usually occurs between having to submit some degree of research by the given deadline. Of course, this leads to the outcome that a research itself is half-baked or lack of useful content for it. Of course, this was done so that the paper can reach the acceptable deadline. Having to do any further research beyond the set or acceptable deadline may prove to be very problematic itself.
To overcome such a dilemma, it would be wise to do ahead with the necessary preparations for researching and plan or schedule the steps for the research to be taken. Being organized with a proper working schedule helps prevent any researcher from being placed into the dilemma between giving an unsatisfactory research work or having the paper not being accepted due to tardiness. No matter how simple a research work can be, always be prepared ahead of time.
Another ethical dilemma one faces in doing research work is by making the research too personal in nature that it is merely biased. Biased research occurs when a researcher has personal preferences regarding an issue within the subject matter and will focus on supporting that point solely. There is no problem in having a personal stake in doing one’s research since it allows an individual to share personal insights and opinions regarding the issue at hand. In fact, having a personal voice and perspective in a research paper is what will add a level of interest and unique color in its ideas. However, focusing solely on one issue while neglecting other points in the research would lead to an insufficient result and conclusion. Being biased not only shows lack of understanding for research, it also shows a lack of academic acumen.
To deal with this, a researcher must make a mindset to be as objective as possible. Research requires taking data and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethical Dilemmas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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