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In the circumstances when all the women were forced to use only three colors on their nails and lips. Urban Decay dedicated its activity to changing this situation and…
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Small bus assignment
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The success of Urban Decay is the result of understanding people’s passion to reveal their personality. In the circumstances when all the women were forced to use only three colors on their nails and lips. Urban Decay dedicated its activity to changing this situation and bringing more colors to choice of lipsticks and nail enamels.
Sandy Lerner could left Cisco Systems only to create something interesting and successful. In the previous workplace, she learned how to become a world leader in sales and use business possibilities. In Urban Decay, Lerner demonstrated that she learned these lessons well. Thus, it can be said that founding Urban Decay is a next step after leaving Cisco Systems.
The idea of Sandy Lerner turned into the opportunity with the fact that it was attractive to customers (multicolor appearance) as appeared in traditional times. Also, she managed to find a passionate teammate in her business, Wende Zomnir. The applicable root of opportunity in this case is the change of the one feature in already existing product. In the given case, the idea to add new colors in already existing cosmetics made this business successful in that time.
The future for Urban Decay as an independent player is not clear, because the idea to use different colors in cosmetics seems to lose its actuality. Nevertheless, the nature of this opportunity has a potential to develop, because our world is full of colors. In addition, women want to use cosmetics to be unique and beautiful. So, current successful sale activity and depending on L’Oreal Cosmetics is a reasonable choice for this opportunity. Read More
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