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Wetherspoon Pubs to Ban Smoking - Case Study Example

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This paper “Wetherspoon Pubs to Ban Smoking” examines the financial performance of Wetherspoons Company, analyzing its rations from the perspective of the investor. Wetherspoons refers to the pub chain that operates in the United Kingdom, having its headquarters in the town of Watford Hertfordshire…
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Wetherspoon Pubs to Ban Smoking
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Download file to see previous pages One of the things that make most companies successful is the fact that they have an effective and successful financial management platform. Proper financial management is very important to companies and other kinds of business organizations as it helps to illustrate the accountability plans that the business often has. It is this kind of accountability which financiers and other investors use in determining the net worth of the business for additional investments. For this reason, any business that is determined to make profits and expand its boundaries has to ensure that it creates sound financial management systems.
This is actually one of the things that have Wetherspoons Company manage its growth and expansion, reaching its current form, having almost a thousand outlets with plans to increase its market share (Woodger 2010, 9). Investors are the most important people in the growth and success of any business; they always give their money and resources to the business in the expectation that the business will be profitable for them to get their expected returns in terms of dividends on their share capital. For this reason, the business is expected to ensure that they provide all the information relating to its performance in order to satisfy investors that the business is profitable and worth investing.
Wetherspoons makes financial statements at the end of every financial year, making them available for all its investors and any interested party to examine them. The financial information revealed including the financial ratios are significant towards gauging the success of Wetherspoons Company. Some of them are illustrated below.
Profitability Ratios
Profitability ratios are important because they enable investors in a company to examine its profitability with respect to asset levels in the company and other kinds of investments. It is general knowledge that without any profits, attracting external capital for any company is pretty hard. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategic Financial Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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