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The Forest Products Industry - Case Study Example

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The paper 'The Forest Products Industry' presents the forest product industry, the company has identified the need for innovative approaches to meeting customer need while also focusing on meeting its sustainability objectives based on environmentally friendly products…
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The Forest Products Industry
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Download file to see previous pages Stakeholders in the organization in CFP include the employees who are also the owners of the organization. Existing employees bought CFP in 1976 gaining ownership from Columbia Plywood Corporation. Changes were in the ownership plan through introduction of Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which led to the reorganization of the company leading to changing of the name into CFP Inc (Reference for Business, n.d). Ownership by employees is an important step that ensures the welfare of the workers remains an important concern of the company, particularly when designing policies on worker remuneration and other important terms of service.
Search for sustainability and meeting of various regulatory commitment means the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) is also a stakeholder in CFP. CFP is committed to working with USGBC to achieve the organizational objective of producing environmentally friendly products while also facilitating USGBC’s goal of ensuring accessible green building. The state and local government also play a significant role that influences the operations of CFP with efforts directed at increasing the number of green buildings while also providing new rating systems for products in the industry (Marshall, Anderson, Flax, Gambetta, Greene-Powell and Pullman, 2010). Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is also a stakeholder in the operations of CFP based on the body’s role of offering certification related compliance with responsible forestry. Customers are the most important stakeholders that CFP seeks to satisfy through various company initiatives. Customers seek products that meet specific requirements related to quality and competitive prices. However, consumers have also demonstrated concern regarding the process of production to ensure companies meet their legal and ethical responsibilities (Lantos, 2010). Companies that adopt policies in these areas have a high chance of attracting more customers leading forging of customer loyalty.               ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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